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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Class will be instructor-led discussions of course content and how it relates to our lives and to current events. Students will also engage in group work.  When I started teaching a trusted colleague told me “Dan, the best instructors keep class subject-focused.” So class will be useful and relevant. Coming to class, participating, and taking notes will help you succeed on homework and exams. 

Resource Use

Textbook: Bring your textbook every day. I will refer to the textbook several times every class and make it an essential resource that will help you produce knowledge and your target grade.

Lecture: Taking notes in class is also essential to succeed in my courses. Every day I will present some material that is not in your textbook, but will be on your homework and exams.

Calculator: A non-graphing calculator is allowed.

Other students: Theoretically, you can succeed in this course without working with other students. Practically, this is very unwise and inefficient for most students. Making useful connections with helpful colleagues is crucial both in college and as professionals after college.

Your Instructor: I should be a useful resource with whom you can contact outside of class and discuss economics, either in person or via email.


I break each course into four units. Each contains several homework assignments designed to help you succeed on your exams. Making sure exams are consistent with assigned homework is essential for me.

Homework Policy

About 25% of the final grade in each course is homework points.

Attendance Policy

Every day I ask a participation question to which students respond. These participation points are approximately equivalent to one exam, or about 1/7 of your final grade. 


I’m on campus a lot and will find time to meet with you. Office hours vary each semester.

Additional Information

We will have a one-on-one conversation during the semester in which I will get to know a little about you, your major, and where you are headed after JCCC. In the course of that conversation I will recommend an academic advisor to you. If you go visit that person, I provide a little extra credit – about 1% of your final grade.