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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

I work towards having a class that is laid back and informal as much as possible, but the level of engagement is up to the students in the class. Generally, I use a lecture format with multiple real world examples to show how we can apply economic concepts to what is happening in the world today.  I incorporate news articles, web content, YouTube videos and current events in an economic context whenever relevant.

Resource Use

Textbook:  Yes, necessary

Calculator: Not needed.  Any math that would be required would be easy enough to do by hand.


The student's grade is based on a variety of assignments. You will have homework to do on your own; and you will have multiple exams

Homework Policy

Homework is essential to passing this class.  There are plenty of homework points, but it is up to you to take advantage of them.  They can significantly boost your grade, or adversely affect it.

Attendance Policy

Class attendance and active participation is closely tied to successful completion of the course. I do not take regular attendance, however with over a decade of teaching, I know from experience that regular attendance direct correlates to success in my class.

It is economics department policy to not withdraw students for non-attendance.  If you stop attending a face-to-face class (or participating in an on-line class), it is your responsibility to withdraw; faculty do not withdraw students for poor attendance.


I do not have office hours.  It is easiest to catch me before or after class.  Otherwise, make an appointment.  I am always reachable via email.  I respond within 24 hours or less

Additional Information

I appreciate that most community college students are trying to balance school with work, family and other obligations, just as I did when working on my degrees.  I am willing to work with students, yet very regular attendance is required to be successful in my class. Students can expect a passionate instructor to be ready to challenge their analytical thinking skills in a friendly and open environment.