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What Will I Learn?

Earn a vocational certificate in Desktop Publishing and be ready to enter the workforce with marketable, high-demand skills. You’ll learn, in both Mac and Windows platforms, how to:

  • Create page layouts
  • Edit photos
  • Generate illustrations

Today’s workplaces need competent, creative employees to produce intriguing digital photos, stunning vector illustrations and eye-catching page layouts. Create illustrations, posters, brochures, exhibit panels, stationery, signage and other corporate branding materials.


At JCCC, students in Desktop Publishing take three sequences of classes that meet once a week for only five weeks. This approach means you’ll be focused on only one skill set at a time, and you’ll have opportunities to practice what you’ve learned in well-equipped dual-platform computer labs.

Work one-on-one with your professors in small classes to build projects for a portfolio you can show off to potential employers. This quick turnaround from classroom to workforce might be just the solution you’ve been seeking.

Experienced professors have networking contacts to the metropolitan job market and are happy to help you make connections.

JCCC has dozens of clubs that fuel your personal interests or professional goals. If you’re pursuing a Desktop Publishing certificate, check out the clubs and organizations that match your interests.

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When you master a variety of computer design software programs, you can work for any print media or online publication. You will use your knowledge to produce newsletters, magazines, catalogs and brochures. Find your niche. You could edit charts, photos and illustrations, create presentations, help build websites or even design advertising campaigns. Build your portfolio and keep it current. You can also transfer your credits to earn a bachelor's degree at another university or college.

Need help with career decisions? Visit the Career Development Center.

Money matters. JCCC is working hard to make tuition affordable for you.

Here’s what we offer:

Supplies and textbook costs vary depending on your classes.