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Written, verbal and nonverbal communication skills are essential to being successful in any field. Communication Studies can lead to a career in education, media, marketing, business, writing, and more!

What Will I Learn in JCCC's Communication Studies Courses?

At Johnson County Community College, Communication Studies courses fall into four areas of general studies.

  • Interpersonal Communication: Learn how to apply listening, nonverbal communication, self-perception, and cultural awareness to small group and one-on-one situations.
  • Public Speaking: Build public speaking foundations, including how to prepare and effectively deliver oral presentations before an audience.
  • Personal Communication: Discover how to apply the principles of interpersonal and public speaking in various contexts.
  • Intercultural Communication: Learn to use sociology, psychology, and anthropology to better communicate in cross-cultural situations.

Depending on which Communication Studies course you choose to take, you may learn any of the following:

  • Perception, self-concept, conflict, listening and nonverbal communication
  • The fundamentals of speeches, including technique, outlining, organization and audience analysis
  • Debate skills and techniques, argument construction, and intercollegiate debate speaking style and refutation
  • Communication skills for the workplace, such as listening, oral communication, problem-solving and job interviewing
  • How to identify the beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors across cultures

If you're looking for a more rigorous experience, you can enroll in the Honors Public Speaking class. Work with like-minded peers or set up an individual one-hour honors contract in Interpersonal Communication or Intercultural Communication to:

  • Learn interesting aspects of communication theory
  • Present your work to a wider audience
  • Receive greater one-on-one mentorship from faculty

Why JCCC's Communication Studies Courses?

Many students choose to take Communication Studies classes at JCCC. We can give you four great reasons:

  1. You can pick the classroom format that works best for you. Our Communications classes are available face-to-face, online, or in a hybrid format that combines the best of both worlds.
  2. Enhance your classroom learning by joining the JCCC debate team. We are consistently rated among the country's top programs, even compared to some of the nation's best four-year schools.
  3. Connect with other students half a world away in our international partnership program with Udmurt State University (UdSU) in Izhevsk, Russia. Learn about Russian culture through online classes with UdSU students as they, in turn, learn from you. Get real-world experience building your international communication skills.
  4. Compete in our Public Speaking Showcase, held each May, for prizes, bragging rights and résumé building.

After completing Communication Studies courses at JCCC, you can pursue one of our many associate degree programs or choose to transfer your credits to many four-year degree programs. Our Transfer Information and Services will provide you with more information about transferring your communication studies credits. Many University of Kansas and Kansas State University students choose to earn their required communications credits at JCCC because of the small class sizes and various format options.

Resources and Tools for JCCC Students

Students have access to many resources and tools at JCCC.

Our Financial Aid office can help you with scholarships or student loans. With our Academic Counseling and Career Development Center services, you can ensure your studies align with your long-term goals and boost your success. 

As a JCCC student, you'll have plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus. Check out our clubs and organizations to learn about ways to meet fellow students and build on your skills. 

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Enrolling in Communication Studies courses at JCCC is an excellent first step toward earning a four-year degree in communication studies or any other career path you pursue. The ability to communicate effectively gives you an outstanding advantage in any career—and life. A firm grasp of the basics of interpersonal communication, argumentation and persuasion, organizational communication and intercultural communication can help you succeed in the global job market.

Need help with career decisions? Visit the Career Development Center.

We know finances can be an important factor in deciding where to study. For this reason, our team works hard to make tuition affordable for you.

We offer the following tools and resources at JCCC:

Supplies and textbook costs vary depending on your classes.