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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Face-to-face interactions involve lectures and demonstrations to help illustrate important concepts.  I encourage students to actively participate in class.  Students often work in pairs or small groups on problem-solving activities while I help and assist with clarification and understanding.  Lab involves briefings, hands-on lab experiments, and report writing.

Resource Use

Lecture: A textbook is required and serves as an important resource for the student learning objectives.  An online web-based learning system (OWL) is used for homework, which requires an access code. Other required materials include a non-programmable calculator and a three-ring binder.


Lecture:  Throughout the course, there will be four to five Exams which are worth 60% of the grade. The Final Exam is worth 20% of the grade.  Unit Quizzes and Homework (textbook & OWL online) are worth 10% each, of the final lecture grade.

Lab:  Lab reports are worth 50% of the grade, Quizzes are worth 30% and Lab Exams are worth 10% of the final lab grade.

Homework Policy

Chemistry courses are generally homework intensive classes.  Homework involves completing problems from each chapter in the book as well as OWL online homework is assigned.  Book homework is collected.

Attendance Policy

Lecture: Class attendance is expected and important.  Even though there are no points given for each class, missing class can often affect your grade.

Lab: Laboratory attendance is mandatory.


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