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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Face-to-face sections

Students are responsible for coming to class to get assistance with homework and listen to power points I will present.  There is a lab once a week for hands on experience with the concepts discussed in lecture.  During lecture you will receive worksheets for practice as well as a copy of power points that will be presented.

Resource Use

Students should read the textbook to become familiar with concepts they are having a hard time with during lecture.  Students will also be given access to tutorial videos to aid them in understanding ALL concepts presented in lecture.  I use the textbook heavily as a guide to the information. Suggested problems out of the textbook are given to students to try out to determine level  of understanding of all learning targets.

Practice Materials for Chem 122: These sets of problems can be purchased at the bookstore. The packet also contains flash cards.

Online Homework: This type of homework is heavily used in my Chem 124 class but to a lesser extent in my Chem 122 sections.

Additional Supplies: Students must also purchase a lab book, a lab coat, goggles and a non-graphing calculator.


There are five unit exams (CHEM 122) during the semester in addition to a final exam which determine 70% to 80% of the course grade.  In class quizzes will make up no more than 15% of the EXAM grade.  The remaining part of your grade will be determined from the lab portion of the class.

Homework Policy

For Chem 122 there will be suggested book problems and worksheets given out on a lecture by lecture basis.  Homework will not be taken for a grade (Chem 122 ONLY), but is highly suggested. 

Attendance Policy

Lab-attendance is mandatory. Students are expected to attend labs as scheduled in the section for which they are registered. In Chem 122, students who miss more than 2 lab periods will receive a grade of F for the course.  Because safety issues are often covered at the beginning of the laboratory session, students may not be admitted to the laboratory if they are late.

Lecture attendance is not mandatory. However, it has been well documented that when students miss class their grades suffer. Students who miss quizzes will not have the opportunity to make them up.


I am available by appointment on an as-needed basis.  I can be contacted via text, phone or email.