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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

I teach Chem 122 in three formats. Students will watch videos of lecture material for all sections because I am using a “flipped classroom” approach for this course. The biggest difference is how much time the students will meet with the instructor to practice problems and discuss lecture material. One format meets only for lab with all lecture material as online videos, and the exams are taken in the testing center. This class is listed as a hybrid course because it meets for lab. The other hybrid format meets for lab and for an additional two hours to practice applying the material together with the instructor and in groups. Exams are taken in class for this format. The face-to-face section will have a “flipped classroom” approach and will meet for both the lab and for four hours a week for the lecture part of the course. During this time we will work on problem-solving and other activities in class. Exams will be taken in class.

Resource Use

There is a textbook available for rental. For all online lectures, workbook packets are available. There are additional flash cards and practice problems available. Students will need a lab notebook, lab coat, and goggles for this course. All other resources will be found in desire to learn.


This course uses both exams and announced quizzes for assessment. Students will also have two lab exams as well as lab assignments from the lab notebook.

Homework Policy

Students are expected to keep up with all material and complete assignments when due. There will be videos assigned as homework and online quizzes to complete in desire to learn. All other practice will not be graded.

Attendance Policy

Students must attend labs. While attendance is not taken for lecture sessions, students will not be able to make up work they miss.


I am available via email. I also have posted office hours, usually right after class. I’m happy to set up appointments with students that need to meet with me.