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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

In my face-to-face classes, I like to do a combination of traditional lecturing and "flipping" my classroom. The advantage of the flipped classroom is that you work problems while with the instructor, ensuring that you understand the topics at hand. For these sessions, you will be required to watch video(s) outside of class and take notes.

Resources Use

I encourage students to read the textbook for additional help on concepts, in order to supplement the lectures. In addition, the textbook offers a resource for other problems. Because working problems (correctly) is the best way to ensure success in chemistry, knowing where you can find additional problems to work is key. In addition, the internet serves as a great place to find additional problems to work.

Chemistry requires a fair amount of algebra and arithmetic; you will need to be proficient in using your calculator. You will need a scientific, non-graphing calculator. Students will be referred to the Science and Mathematics Resource Centers as needed for additional help and tutoring.


Classes will have between 4-6 hourly exams, along with a cumulative final. In addition, quizzes and online homework will be done to test and assess understanding.

Homework Policy

Working homework is vital for success in chemistry, because it is how we figure out the methods and procedures for solving problems. Homework may be completed either during class (while flipping the classroom) or at home (online homework, following traditional lecture.)

Attendance Policy

In order to be successful in chemistry, you must show up and participate in class. Attendance will be monitored daily.


I am available on campus at different times each semester depending on my teaching schedule. Office hours will tend to be at times similar to classroom times for student convenience. If my office hours are insufficient or inconvenient, I always welcome students to email me for a better time to meet. Office hours will always list "or by appointment" for this very reason.