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If you are a progressive and determined thinker who’s ready to step into the competitive field of business, look no further than the Business Administration program at JCCC.

Business Administration allows you to learn about all areas of business, including management, marketing, economics, accounting, finance, communications, human resources, and more!

What will I learn in JCCC’s Business Administration courses?

At Johnson County Community College, our Business Administration program will help you build a strong foundation in business practices. You can choose to take one or two of our Business Administration courses or enroll in the Business Administration AAS. This route allows you to earn your Associate of Applied Science degree in just two years.

In every class you’ll examine case studies that involve ethical dilemmas, cost analyses and soft-skill applications. Our Business Administration program starts with an Introduction to Business course that gives you a glimpse into business areas of accounting, finance, information systems, management, operations and marketing. After Introduction to Business, JCCC’s Business Administration courses cover:

  • Principles of Management and Supervision
  • Personal Finance
  • Business Communication
  • Savings and Investments
  • Human Relations
  • International Business
  • Small Business Management

Our Business Administration program concludes with an internship that allows you to gain real-world experience in an approved training situation.

Why JCCC’s Business Administration program?

There are many reasons why students choose to study Business Administration at JCCC.

Transferable credits

Most credit hours earned at JCCC are transferable to four-year universities. Therefore, if you want to focus on a more specialized area of business, you can easily transfer the credit you have already earned. Learn more about our transfer services here.

Industry professionals as instructors

You’ll learn from industry professionals who have extensive experience in business fields. All courses are taught by professors with MBA and doctoral degrees who know the ropes in business because they’ve lived it.

Business and Marketing Advisory Board

To get noticed by today’s fast-lane business leaders, you need credentials, skills and education on your résumé. A 20-person program Advisory Board will coach you on business trends in everything from pharmaceuticals to financial services. These area leaders and gurus know what employers are looking for—critical thinkers, problem-solvers and team players.

And you will get to network with the business community through job shadowing. Pick a business, spend a day, and learn a lot!

JCCC’s small class sizes with flexible scheduling

You won’t be lost among thousands of students in a large business school; at JCCC, class size won’t top 30. Ask your professors questions and get answers quickly. Your professors will get to know you and be able to steer you toward an emphasis that complements your strengths.

We also offer courses online and in-person at times that are convenient for you. Therefore, you can work while pursuing your associate degree.

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A Business Administration degree is one of the most versatile paths you can take. In fact, business degrees rank toward the top of the list for return on investment, meaning you will likely earn a higher income upon graduation. Career opportunities include:

  • Associate degree: executive assistant, benefit/payroll clerk, marketing assistant
  • Bachelor's degree (entry-level or one to two years of experience): business administration assistant, compensation manager, business services coordinator, operations business analyst, project manager, sales representative, internship manager, business manager, shift manager, procurement specialist
  • Master's degree: business manager, senior business analyst, vice president business development, community college instructor, vice president strategic operations, adjunct assistant professor, global program manager, director of business analysis
  • Doctorate: professor, client strategist, investment analyst

If your goal is a bachelor’s degree, most JCCC credits are transferable to area four-year schools. Contact a Business Counselor for details.

Classes in Business Administration include professional courses in management, marketing, economics, accounting, finance, communications and business law. 

Need help with career decisions? Visit the Career Development Center.

The cost of going to college can drastically impact your ability to succeed. At Johnson County Community College, we want our students to be able to afford a program that they love. That’s why we’re constantly working to make tuition more affordable for you.

Here’s what JCCC has to offer:

Textbook and other supply costs vary depending on your courses.

There are several things to consider when budgeting for college. Visit our Cost of Attendance page for detailed information.

Resources and Tools at JCCC

Being a student at JCCC means you have access to a range of services and resources to help you succeed. We offer professional tutoring and small, personalized class sizes. When you attend Johnson County Community College, your education truly matters.

The cost of going to school can be daunting. Fortunately, our Financial Aid office is here to help you through the process. Our counselors can help you find ways to fund your schooling, including scholarships and student loans, both of which can help to reduce the cost of your tuition every semester.

If you need help discovering what your passion will be post-graduation, our Career Development Center and Academic Counseling services are great support tools.

You can also further your education by transferring to a four-year school. JCCC is here to help make the transition to another college program easy and stress-free.