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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Lecture and demonstration, in-class practice, conversation, group and paired activities.

Face-to-face sections  BIOL121

Hybrid sections BIOL121

Resource Use


Laboratory: Pearson Learning Solutions (2013) "Introductory Biology for Non-Majors Laboratory Manual." 3rd Ed. Pearson Learning Solutions New York ISBN-13 978-1-269-41373-2

Lecture: Campbell, Reece, Taylor & Simon, "Biology Concepts & Connections," 7th Ed., Pearson/Benjamin Cummings, 2012. (ISBN 978-0-321-696816)

Online homework

Available on D2L. Online assignments and other assignments count as 10% of your overall grade. 


Exams – 6 (10% each)               50% (may drop lowest)

Comprehensive Final                  10%

Lab Practicals – 3 (5% each)      15%

Quizzes (Lecture & Laboratory)   15% (may drop lowest)

Assignments                            10%

TOTAL                                    100%

Homework Policy

Online assignments and other assignments count as 10% of your overall grade.  Assignments are given with a due date. Late assignments will be accepted with a reduction of 5% per week past the due date.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is important to overall performance in the class; you have two excused absences. The third absence drops your grade one letter grade. The fourth absence drops your grade two letter grades. The fifth absence will cause you to automatically receive an F.


Saturdays, 8:30-9 a.m. and noon to 1 p.m.

Available other times by appointment.