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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

My classroom environment encourages students to be fully engaged. I have a combination of lectures, PowerPoints, handouts, discussions and group work. Active participation is encouraged to maximize understanding of material.

Each of my sections is face-to face. My classes are moderately paced. Student participation is encouraged.

Resource Use

Textbook, Science Resource Learning Community, lab models and utilizing the white board for explanations and diagrams.


Student grades are based on a total of approximately 875 possible points. There will be 10 quizzes, seven unit exams and seven assignments.

Homework Policy

There will be a mix of in-class assignments and assignments that are to be completed outside of the classroom.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is not taken. This class is very interactive and students who do not attend class tend to do poorly.

Missed quizzes and in-class work cannot be made up. Missed Unit Exam make-up is at the discretion of the professor. There is no penalty for missed classes.


I am available before and after classes. Office hours are by appointment. I am always available by email. Electronic communication will be done through Desire2Learn.

Teaching Style

I utilize several methodologies for instruction. In communicative activities and group activities, I encourage questions and like for students to feel comfortable. I try to remove test anxiety by spending class time prior to an exam providing an exam review.


I have been a registered nurse for 20-plus years and have an extensive medical background. My specialty was trauma. I worked in a variety of Intensive Care Units and was a Flight Nurse for approximately 15 years. I have taught in nursing programs for LPN, ADN and BSN students. Because of my medical background, I am able to bring real-life situations into my classroom discussions. Students entering into the healthcare field have found this to be helpful.

Other Interests

I enjoy traveling, painting, reading, music, knitting, golf, taking walks and spending time with my family.