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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Face-to-face sections

Resource Use


Online homework (optional, non-credit for review purposes)

Models and Images available for use in class and during open lab sessions (out of class)


Examinations:  Exams account for the majority of assessment, accounting for a minimum of 80% of the final course grade.  Examinations consist of two parts:

  • A written section over material that is covered during in-class lectures. This section consists of a mixture of true/false, multiple choice, matching, short answer questions or possibly problems.
  • A lab practical section consisting of questions in which students are expected to identify structures labeled on models or in some cases images. Answers in this section are fill-in-the-blank format and details such as spelling are considered.

Most exams consist of approximately equal parts written and practical material but a few may be slightly weighted toward one or the other (usually in favor of practical).

Quizzes:  Regular in-class quizzes and activities are given throughout the semester. These are usually done in collaboration with other students although each student will be expected to complete his own work.

Homework Policy

I do provide homework review assignments online to accompany each lecture topic. Completing these is entirely optional and is not for credit.

Attendance Policy

Attendance in class is very important to ensure that students are familiar with the material they will be responsible for. Also, not attending classes may result in missing important quizzes, activities and announcements. I do not directly record attendance after the first two weeks (although the record of daily quizzes serves as an indirect record) and "attendance" is not factored directly into the final grade.  Attendance on days when exams are given in considered mandatory, however.


I do not hold regularly scheduled office hours although I am often either in my office or the classroom a bit early.  Meetings may be scheduled as needed and I can be reached by email or phone (email will usually get a quicker response).