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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Face-to-face sessions include lecture, discussion, case studies and group activities to promote active learning and student engagement.

Online sessions include lecture, quizzes, exams, online discussion and assignments, all with online submission.

Resource Use

Textbook: "Perspectives in Nutrition," Wardlaw and Kessel, is used extensively.
Lecture and PowerPoint presentations


Exams (50 points each). The exam format is multiple choice and short answer. The final exam is not comprehensive.
Quizzes: Online quizzes are required over each chapter. These are learning tools with options to retake and increase your score.

Homework Policy

There will be occasional homework assignments throughout the semester.  There are also two major assignments (100 points each) to be completed individually, outside of class: 1) Personal Nutrition Assessment Project, 2) Research Presentation and Paper. Case studies, papers, presentations and nutrient analysis are due on date as shown in the syllabus. Missed dates will result in zero score.

Attendance Policy

Students will have the opportunity to earn participation points during classes during scheduled class times. It is the student’s responsibility to get any information that is missed and reschedule any exam that may be missed in accordance with make-up policy. Participation class points must only be earned during the class period.


I am available by appointment by email request. Email

Additional Information

I am a dietitian and a certified personal trainer with a strong passion for combining nutrition and physical activity to promote optimal health. Nutrition is so important because it is a science that affects our well-being and applies to our life everyday- multiple times per day. I look forward to teaching and continuing to learn about new emerging nutrition findings with students during the semester journey. I have a nutrition background in clinical, community, research, physical performance and disease prevention.