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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

For Human Anatomy (BIOL 140), the class is a combination of lecture and lab. The lecture component consists of PowerPoint notes presented by the instructor. Students have outlines available for taking notes. Discussion and questions are encouraged. The lab component consists of the study of anatomical models. There is lots of hands-on, in-class time with the lab material. Class sessions often start with a quiz and then the remainder of the time is a combination of lecture and lab.

For Human Anatomy and Physiology Dissection (BIOL 145) the class format is group lab work. Each class, students work in small groups to dissect structures with guidance from the instructor. A list of required structures is provided.

Resource Use

Textbooks: For Human Anatomy (BIOL 140), the textbook is required. The textbook serves as a valuable resource. There is also a packet available in the JCCC bookstore that contains outlines and other reference material for class lectures.

For Dissection (BIOL 145), a cat dissection atlas is required.

Lab Equipment: For Dissection (BIOL 145) all materials are provided except for lab coats and safety goggles.


For Human Anatomy (BIOL 140): Six unit exams will be given during the semester. Each exam will be composed of a lecture portion and a lab portion. The lecture portion will test knowledge of material from the lecture outlines and textbook. The lecture portion will include various types of questions such as multiple choice, matching, true/false, completion, labeling and short answer. The lab portion will test practical knowledge of structures. The lab portion will require identification of structures on models, specimens, drawings, pictures, etc. Exam study guides are provided. In addition to exams there are regular quizzes and a few in-class participation assignments.

For Dissection (BIOL 145): Four lab exams will be given during the semester. The exams require identification of structures on dissected specimens.

Attendance Policy

For Human Anatomy (BIOL 140): Attendance is not part of the grading formula but is necessary for success in the class. If you miss class or are late, it is your responsibility to get the material that you missed. The instructor’s PowerPoints will not be available to students other than when they are presented to the class.

For Dissection (BIOL 145): Attendance and participation in dissection are required. More than 2 absences will result in the loss of points.


I am available before and after class and at other times by appointment. I generally check my email daily during the week (Monday-Friday) and try to reply as soon as possible.