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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Cell and Molecular Biology is lecture and lab class that is designed to transfer for biology and other related majors so the content and difficulty are determined with purpose. My sections are face-to-face with participation and collaboration as key values.

Resource Use

The textbooks and lab manuals are required resources that will be used frequently. I do not assign online homework or require the use of the associated online content "Mastering Biology." I do, however, communicate with students via email and occasionally assign a quiz or homework to be emailed to me. 


Students are assessed using a variety of methods including exams, quizzes, homework and a short presentation. Exams are multiple choice and short answer type questions. Quizzes and homework are usually designed to be instructional and therefore are often open-book and/or collaborative. Lab work is evaluated by participation, lab notebook and lab reports which are done in small groups. There are no lab practicals for this class. 

Homework Policy

Homework is designed to be instructional and to help students prioritize what and how to study. Some homework will not be collected for a grade but is meant to help students prepare for exams. Other assignments will be collected and graded. Homework is always open-book and is often collaborative. Expectations and due dates will be clearly explained for each assignment. 

Attendance Policy

Attendance is an important part of this class as much of the work is collaborative and the goal of lecture is to be discussion oriented. Attendance is taken each day and while it isn’t directly graded, participation is a component of lab grades. 


I am always available to meet with students by appointment and I respond to emails within one business day.