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Class Format

Face-to-face sections are approximately 50% lecture time and 50% lab time. For some sessions this may vary slightly depending on the material to be covered that day. A portion of lab time will be spent with the instructor discussing assigned structures, and a portion will be self-paced time for students to work with the classroom lab materials (along with the assistance of the instructor). Time outside of class to work with lab materials is available through the Science Resource Center and the Anatomy Open Lab.

Resource Use

Textbooks: The required textbook will supplement the lecture (especially if you are absent) and may be referenced to complete graded homework. Textbook illustrations will be used frequently in the lab portion of the course as a guide to structures. Bringing the textbook for illustrations and/or other provided online materials to each class will be important for success in the lab portion of the course.

All homework assignments will be handed out in class and collected in class on the given due date. No online homework or online discussions will be included in the course grade.


Six to seven lecture exams can be anticipated during the semester. Each exam will be composed of various types of questions such as multiple choice, matching, true/false, fill-in-the-blank and short answer. The material covered in each exam will be based on topics discussed in lecture or found in the assigned reading.

Six to seven lab practical exams can be anticipated during the semester. Each exam will be written/short answer covering identification and recognition of structures assigned. (This is a requirement for all BIOL 140 sections. Word banks will NOT be provided for any BIOL 140 lab exam testing.) A list of assigned structures will be provided for each topic and/or unit. Students must become familiar with the assigned lab terms, as well as spelling, for this course.

Homework Policy

Late homework will be accepted for half credit of the total points earned on the assignment. No homework will be accepted after the last class session for the semester. (The last class session does not mean the final exam session.)

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is not required for the course but is strongly recommended. Class exposure to lecture and lab topics is essential for success in the course. A loss of lab activity and quiz points may occur for lack of attendance. Attendance will be taken daily for department records.


Office hours will be scheduled on an appointment-only basis. Due to my varied schedule and the varied schedule of students, appointments can be set up by requesting one in person or by email. Responses to emails will most often occur within 24 hours, but possibly longer on weekends and holiday breaks.