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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Because BIOL 225 Human Physiology is face-to-face, it is most important to be in class, “face-to-face.” Students are only responsible for material presented in class. Classes are structured with lectures and approximately nine ‘wet’ laboratory experiments. Students generally request “more lectures” on feedback forms at the end of the semester. We take lecture notes collectively, in colored pencils, the old-fashioned way. Former students say not to change it!

Resource Use

Textbook: helpful limited

Online homework: Three on-line laboratory assignments per semester


Weekly Quizzes with two being dropped (25% of overall grade)

Laboratory Assignments receive 100% for participation (25% of overall grade)

Three Hourly Exams (30% total; 10% each)

Final Exam is cumulative (20% of overall grade)

Homework Policy

Laboratory assignments are turned in for participation points only (100% credit for participation). Optional book problems are assigned. Optional computer tutorials are assigned. Weekly quizzes will let students know if they are keeping up with studying.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is not taken, but if class is missed, this feels like one class per chapter. Students who miss class do see their grades drop when class is missed because this is a lecture-based course. No make-up quizzes are permitted, but there are two dropped quizzes at the end of the semester. No make-up labs. Exams are allowed to be made up.


I only teach one section. If a student needs extra help, we will agree to a time and place to meet outside of class. I don’t have regularly scheduled office hours. Students can call me at home or email me ( with questions.