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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Online sections.

Resource Use

Textbook supplements the online lecture PowerPoints and audio presentations and provides practice questions.

Online study resources include the Science Resource Learning Community (SRLC) for interactive anatomical model photos and the textbook online resource center for practice problems and exercises.

Science Resource Center (SRC) located in CLB 112A for anatomical model resources and tutoring.

Open Anatomy Lab located in CLB 311 for anatomical model resources.


All assignments (quizzes and tests) are timed and the majority limited to one attempt (Greek and Latin derivative quizzes being the exception) and students need to be comfortable with the restrictive timing and attempt limits! No exceptions!
• One hour for 100 question tests
• Four minutes for 10 question quizzes

Quizzes (weighted 20%): 16 quizzes (lowest 6 dropped).

Tests (weighted 80%): 7 exams [if all exams 1-6 are taken your lowest score for exams 1-6 may be replaced with exam 7 (mandatory Final) score].

Test coverage will draw from both the textbook and the laboratory. Questions over textbook material may be multiple-choice, true-false, or matching and may cover any aspect of the subject. Questions over laboratory material are short answer (NOT to include multiple-choice or a word bank). Quizzes cover Greek and Latin terminology and laboratory material.

Homework Policy


Attendance Policy



I am normally on campus mid-morning through early evening Tuesday and Thursday. Responses to emails, text messages, and D2L discussions normally occur within 12 hours, but possibly longer on weekends.