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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Face-to-face sections are conducted using a flipped classroom model. I provide all my students with online lectures, study guides and textbook resources and therefore expect that students come to class having read and filled out their chapter study guide. The time we spend in class is then devoted to answering any questions, diving deeper into the material to make meaningful connections as well as applying the information in the unit to real life scenarios via case studies. Students will work collaboratively throughout the semester to ensure all students have the opportunity to discuss the microbiology concepts. Both individual and team assignments will be used throughout the semester.

Hybrid sections meet once a week to go over the weekly material, answer questions and then explore the material in depth with problem based activities. The students are provided with online lecture videos, textbook animations, as well as study guides and exercises created by the instructor.

Online sections will be provided with online lecture videos created by the instructor, textbook provided lectures, as well as outside lectures deemed most helpful by the instructor. Study guides are provided and used to help students understand what information is important and what will be assessed on the unit exam. The class will have weekly quizzes and assignments that rely on discussion and therefore have due dates that are strictly enforced.

Resource Use

Textbooks for the course are required as a resource for students to use. The course videos and study guide materials will all be based on the textbook for the course.
Online homework: there will be no outside homework program needed for this course.


Students will have quizzes over the material on study guides. This is to ensure that students come prepared to engage in classroom activities and these quizzes constitute about 25% of the grade. In addition to “reading quizzes” students will have four exams spaced evenly throughout the semester. The exams will be 40% of the student grade. I do not have a cumulative final. The remaining points in the class come from assignments from each chapter, discussions, and case studies done in class or through the online class environment.

Homework Policy

No late homework will be allowed.

Attendance Policy

My classroom is a collaborative environment, therefore each class period has the potential to earn points for the student. Because of this attendance is required. Understanding that emergencies happen there are a few opportunities for extra credit that will help make up for an occasional missed class period.


My office hours are typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays; however, depending on the semester my office hours typically include nights and Saturdays. I answer emails on the weekend and am available to students via email within 48 hours.