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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Face-to-face sections: BIOL 140, 144, 225

Moderately fast-paced due to the large amount of materials required for the course. Interactive lectures, hands-on activities, group work, flashcards, concept maps and labs are utilized to reinforce the objectives. Desire2Learn is utilized for posting lectures, handouts and other resources for the course.

Hybrid sections: BIOL 225 Online quizzes and assignments, utilizing D2L and

Online sections: BIOL 225: Human Physiology is conducted online via D2L and Each week has a specific topic outline, discussion prompt, HW assignment, lab assignment and quiz.

Resource Use

Book: Limited

Software: Desire2Learn. BIOL 225: and Interactive Physiology CD (also available online with MasteringAandP).


Most classes have 6-8 unit exams, and a comprehensive exam. A comprehensive exam may be either online or taken in class. BIOL 144 will have both written and practical exams, and many assignments using the lab manual. BIOL 140 and 225 both will have many assignments in order to reinforce learning. In BIOL 140 and BIOL 144 the lowest 3-5 quizzes/assignments will be dropped prior to final grades being posted. Online BIOL 225 will have exams in the Testing Center.

Homework Policy

Lecture material needs to be read prior to class. Labs are generally conducted in class. Make-up labs utilize PhysioEx 9.0 and are expected to be completed at home. Late work is accepted with prior approval of missed work.  Online Bio 225: HW is conducted via and includes instructional tutorials and videos.

Attendance Policy

Absences are not part of the grading formula. However, most students find it hard to learn the material on their own without coming to class. Exam make-ups are scheduled only with prior approval of instructor. Bio 225: Students should plan to participate and log in to D2L 3-4 days a week.


Available prior to and/or after class, but an appointment can be made. Email is checked regularly. For online classes, phone appointments are available.