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Biology Faculty Profiles


Class Format

I only teach sections of BIOL 121 in face-to-face format.

BIOL 121 – Introductory Biology for Non-Majors – has two formats: lecture and lab.  The lecture format comprises 3 hours per week.  BIOL 121 lecture is a traditional, instructor-led journey through the objectives and material.  The lab comprises 2 hours per week.  It is imperative that students arrive on time.  Students work in groups of 2-4 to complete the lab activities.

Resource Use

Textbooks: Textbooks (2) are essential resources for your success in BIOL 121. Plan to use the textbooks extensively. You will have 2 textbooks – 1 for lecture with available e-book format, and a laboratory manual.

D2L: D2L will serve as a central resource for: copies of the power point slides, relevant documents handed out in class, timely announcements and an updated calendar/schedule as well as a running record of your grade in the course. Students are expected to check their D2L account regularly and often.


Students earn their grade through 4 unit exams (40%), 3 lab practical exams (15%), multiple quizzes (15%), homework assignments (15%) and a final comprehensive exam (15%).

Homework Policy

I work hard to give students rapid feedback on all assessed work. So, in fairness, I do NOT accept any late work.

Attendance Policy

It is essential that students make a conscientious effort to attend every class and lab and be prepared to participate. Students who perform best are the ones who attend lecture and lab on a regular basis, and participate while present.

I take attendance for every lecture and lab session. Lab sessions meet once per week, lecture sessions meet 2 (TR) or 3 (MWF) times per week. Your grade will be negatively impacted after missing your 3rd lab; your grade will drop 1 letter grade. After your 4th missed lab, your grade drops 2 letter grades. After your 5th missed lab you receive an “F” for the course. In lecture after your 10th absence in a TR lecture, or your 15th absence in a MWF lecture, you receive an “F” for the course.


I do not have scheduled office hours, but will try to be flexible to meet you on campus at a time that meets your needs; right before or right after class usually works best. Emails are usually answered that day and are answered within 36 hours at the latest. Grades are live on D2L as soon as they are determined.