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What will I Learn in JCCC's Architecture program?

JCCC's Architecture program will introduce you to this area of study and help you gain critical architecture skills.

Have you considered architecture? This career requires unique skills. Begin your path to master building at JCCC.

Through hands-on experience, learn about architecture and design. In the program, study historical and contemporary architecture. Coursework requires you to complete projects that test creativity.

The architecture program starts with history, jargon and theory. As you progress through the curriculum, you will develop skills such as:

  • Sustainable building
  • Architectural history
  • Design
  • Drawing and other modeling techniques
  • Design history and society
  • City planning
  • Landscaping and site planning
  • Applied geometry
  • Architectural design methodologies

Continuing through the Architecture coursework, you’ll learn new approaches that will be useful after receiving your degree. With 28 to 31 hours of Architecture classes, you can transfer to a four-year university.

Why JCCC for Architecture?

Our Architecture program is one of the only opportunities to study architecture at a community college level in Kansas. All Architecture courses are transferrable to major universities across the Midwest. At JCCC, you can take general education courses while learning about architecture at a more affordable rate than at a major university.

Most community colleges in Kansas offer no architecture classes. JCCC is proud to offer this unique program. Join other like-minded students at JCCC.

Professors in the department use hands-on teaching methods. Projects made during studio time allow you to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom. As you take JCCC Architecture courses, you’ll build your own perspective on homes, workplaces and community facilities.

This program will help students build a small portfolio prior to transferring. Bring your unique designs to your four-year college for a head start.

JCCC's transfer program for Architecture

JCCC offers the only transfer program in Kansas that leads directly to the second year of a university architecture program. You can transfer to:

Our Architecture alumni have gone on to study at various schools to continue their degree without wasting time or credits.

Architecture alumni have graduated from universities in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and more. Students who complete JCCC's Architecture program have an 85 percent graduation rate from four-year schools.

Join the other successful JCCC architecture students by applying today.

Our Academic & Advising Counseling team can help you with the transfer process. We can provide transferring assistance and tips to all students. Get the help you deserve with this tough process.

This transfer program is one-of-a-kind. The main benefit is getting a year completed at a lower price. Upon completing this program, enter a four-year college ahead of your peers.


Our clubs and organizations can enrich the student experience. Architecture students can join the Architecture and Design Club. This club helps students get involved with the JCCC community.

Clubs also help students develop skills and meet other students in their program. We offer numerous clubs for student involvement.

Join other successful JCCC students Apply now

Prepare for a career in urban planning, architecture, and more. In the program, you learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Classes in architecture can lead to many career paths. Crucial design techniques set students up for success.

Consider jobs in landscaping, architecture, city planning and other fields. Jobs aren't limited to just building design.

With a host of opportunities in the field, architecture is a valuable degree. Taking these courses is a great way to get started on your degree.

Architecture careers often require a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Although we don't offer these degrees, we help get students started. JCCC can set you up for success wherever you go next.

If you are looking to find a job, we can help. JCCC offers career guidance. Direct your questions to our Career Development Center for additional support. The center can also offer résumé guidance.

Need help with career decisions? Visit the Career Development Center.

The cost of going to college can drastically impact your ability to succeed. At Johnson County Community College, we want our students to be able to afford a program that they love. That’s why we’re constantly working to make tuition more affordable for you.

Here’s what JCCC has to offer:

Textbook and other supply costs vary depending on your courses.

There are several things to consider when budgeting for college. Visit our Cost of Attendance page for detailed information.

Resources and Tools at JCCC

Being a student at JCCC means you have access to a range of services and resources to help you succeed. We offer professional tutoring and small, personalized class sizes. When you attend Johnson County Community College, your education truly matters.

The cost of going to school can be daunting. Fortunately, our Financial Aid office is here to help you through the process. Our counselors can help you find ways to fund your schooling, including scholarships and student loans, both of which can help to reduce the cost of your tuition every semester.

If you need help discovering what your passion will be post-graduation, our Career Development Center and Academic Counseling services are great support tools.

You can also further your education by transferring to a four-year school. JCCC is here to help make the transition to another college program easy and stress-free.