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In order for you to do your very best, it is important that you review before taking the placement tests. By reviewing you will have the opportunity to sharpen your skills and become familiar with the test-taking experience. By preparing, you will help ensure the most accurate test results and the best placement for you.


Testing Services is offering the ACCUPLACER placement test through scheduled on-campus appointments.

To take a placement test:
  • You must present a current official photo ID (driver’s license; state approved or federal ID; military ID; college, high school, or middle school ID; passport; tribal ID; naturalization card or certificate of citizenship).
  • You must know your JCCC eight-digit ID number.

Score reports are available immediately after testing. Placement scores in reading and writing are valid for five years from test date; placement scores in math and ESL are valid for two years from test date.

Retest Dates

You are allowed one retest during each of the following dates:

  • March 15 to July 14
  • July 15 to October 14
  • October 15 to March 14

Placement Test Study Guides

Includes pdf study materials and a free downloadable study app specifically designed for the ACCUPLACER tests.

Includes specific information regarding the ACCUPLACER math test, along with trigonometry study materials.

For further information regarding scheduling or testing, you may contact Testing Services by email at or by phone, 913-469-4439.