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You may be required to take placement tests so the College can place you in classes at the appropriate skill level. These tests place you into English and math classes, as well as assess reading readiness skills.

Are placement tests required?

You may be required to participate in the placement process prior to enrolling in classes under the following circumstances:

  • If you are degree- or certificate-seeking, you will be required to take the placement test, with the exception of a few vocational certificate programs that do not require math and/or English.
  • If you wish to enroll in a math or English course at JCCC, regardless of whether you plan to seek a degree or certificate, you must take the placement test.

Please check your Personal Admission Plan for any required tests.

Substitutions for the Placement Tests

If you have successfully completed college courses equivalent to our math and English courses or if you have a qualifying ACT, you may not need to take a placement test.

You may be exempt from some portions of this test — refer to our Prerequisites and Placement page for course prerequisite and placement information.