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If you’re enrolled in credit classes at Johnson County Community College, you have the opportunity to join one (or more) of the clubs and organizations offered at JCCC.

Some are affiliated with professions, some aim to do good in the world and some just aim to have fun. In all, you have more than 80 clubs to choose from.

Your first stop, after reading this page, is the Center for Student Involvement in COM 309. The office is fully staffed to make sure new and existing organizations are successful. It also contains computers with internet access, color printers, large conference rooms and a relaxing lounge area.

If you know what club you want to join:

  1. Review the list of the clubs and organizations at GetInvolved@JCCC.
  2. Click on the club name. Review the club description, adviser contact information its other resources (such as a Facebook page or a Twitter account).
  3. Email the adviser and ask for information on the club. Make sure to include the name of the club, your name and contact information. Then ask for the time, date and place of the next meeting.
  4. Don’t get discouraged and don’t chicken out: attend the next meeting.
  5. If the club seems a good match for your personal or professional goals, sign up!

If you don’t know what club you want to join:

  1. Stop by the CSI in COM 309 and check out the calendar of upcoming club meetings and activities or take a look at the event calendar in GetInvolved@JCCC.
  2. If you’re an introvert, show up at a meeting that interests you and spend a lot of time observing. A good club leader will make you feel welcome.
  3. If you’re an extrovert, join in the conversation. Just remember that it’s OK to go by yourself. It’s comforting to have a friend along, but it’s also all right to pursue your own interests without the security blanket of a known social contact.
  4. Sign up and participate!

There are so many benefits of joining a club. It’s a great way to make new friends who love the same things as you, you can further your skills, network and make your time at JCCC so much more fun.

You’re always able to change your mind about membership, but Kinnaman suggests you give it a chance.

Want to start a new club?

That’s an option. Visit the CSI office to learn how to create a campus club or organization. Check out this helpful video to get you started.



Be a part of JCCC clubs and orgs