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Become a College Now Dual Credit Instructor

Who is eligible to teach College Now concurrent enrollment?

Johnson County Community College is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and adheres to the standards set by HLC. The College Now concurrent enrollment instructor is required to meet the same qualifications as JCCC faculty.

Minimum qualifications

Instructors who teach in general subject areas:

  • Master’s degree in the teaching field
  • Master’s degree in any field with 18 graduate credit hours in teaching field

Instructors teaching in career and technical education areas:

  • Bachelor’s degree in teaching field or a combination of education, training and tested experience
  • Each CTE instructor application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis

*Applicants who have not fulfilled the minimum qualification may have an opportunity to complete required coursework by 2022. Please contact the Early College office for details.

College Now instructor application process

If you are a high school instructor who teaches within the JCCC service area and wishes to teach College Now courses, please follow the process below.

When all documentation has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the respective Dean. A staff member of the Early College office will contact the applicant with further instructions.

New College Now new instructor protocol

  • New College Now instructors will be paired with a discipline-specific JCCC College Now Liaison.
  • New College Now Instructor Orientation is required. Topic covered in orientation will include:
    • Rigor required for the college level class
    • Course assessments and evaluation methods
    • Course grading and grade distribution
    • Course philosophy/departmental philosophy
    • Course materials, including textbooks
    • Overall course alignment with departmental expectations

College Now instructor expectations:

The responsibilities of the College Now instructor align with the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) standards, which provide measurable criteria that address quality in concurrent enrollment programs.

Prior to start of semester

All new College Now instructors are required to participate in New College Now Instructor Orientation set up by Early College office and discipline-specific liaison.

  • College Now instructors ensure that course objectives or competencies match those required for the course as indicated on the JCCC Course Outline and reflected by the JCCC course syllabus. Additional objectives, competencies or other material may be included in the curriculum and may be appended to the syllabus.
  • Provide a copy of the course syllabus to your College Now Liaison at the start of the semester. In addition, provide all College Now students a JCCC course syllabus at the beginning of each CN course. The syllabus will be based upon the college course outline and formatted according to JCCC Course Syllabus Guidelines, and will parallel an on-campus syllabus in form and content.
  • College Now instructors will use the adopted college textbooks or liaison-approved text.

Early in the semester

  • College Now instructors will double-check College Now course rosters at the beginning of each semester to ensure students who are interested in college credit are registered.
  • College Now instructors participate in at least one discipline-specific professional development event per year and ongoing collegial interaction to further enhance instructors’ pedagogy and breadth of knowledge in the discipline.
  • Coordinate with the College Now Liaison to arrange site visits to observe course content and delivery, student discourse and rapport to ensure the courses offered through the concurrent enrollment program are equivalent to the courses offered on campus.

End of the semester

  • College Now Instructors enter final grades on or before the deadline.


  • Alert the Early College office of any status changes.

To promote ongoing collaboration, the Early College office has set up online discipline-specific communities in Canvas to use as a communication tool and resource repository. College Now instructors are strongly encouraged to participate in the discipline-specific online community.