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A photo of JCCC students showing fashion creations.

  • Review your course syllabus and discuss requirements for service learning with the course faculty.
  • Read the service learning guidelines and review the safety guidelines.
  • Find where to complete your service hours.
    • If a list of agencies isn’t provided for you by your instructor, a good place to start is our community services sites list; here you will find options across the KC metro area that serve various populations in the community.
    • If you find something that is not on the list, make sure it fits under the general and safety guidelines.
    • We suggest you reach out to a few agencies and identify yourself as a student at JCCC who wishes to complete a service learning requirement. You might tell them about which course you’re in and how many hours you need. Make sure to do this as soon as possible, as many agencies need you to complete paperwork, background checks, orientations, etc.
  • Once you have found where to complete your hours, fill out the Service Learning Agreement.
  • Then complete your service! Every time you volunteer, make sure to bring your Hours Report/Verification and Final Evaluation Form (PDF) and have the supervisor sign off on your hours.

Email the Community Based Learning Office for assistance with finding a site to volunteer or if you have any additional questions!