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A photo of JCCC student presenting a poster on the program

While the guidelines of your specific service-learning project will be outlined in your course by your instructor, below are the guidelines all JCCC students completing service learning must abide by. Keep in mind that your service must be done at a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Make sure to read the following guidelines before beginning your service.

1. You may not select projects at community sites where you are already employed; nor should you choose sites where you would report to family members or provide service to family members.

2. JCCC Service-Learning students are not permitted to do independent, unsupervised projects for individuals in their homes. 

3. Contact the Community agency/ site for your service hours: 

A. Start this process early in the semester (by the second week of class). 
B. Contact the agency to arrange an interview or meeting with their volunteer coordinator to discuss how you can meet your course objective there. Don’t just show up.
C. During your initial interview or discussion with the agency volunteer coordinator, find out about the agency mission, needs, description of volunteer positions available and expectations or requirements regarding scheduling, training, length of commitment. Identify yourself as a JCCC service-learning student so that the agency better understands your learning goals. 

4. In case of an unexpected scheduling conflict or emergency, notify the agency contact person as soon as possible. Don’t be a no-show.

5. If you must quit your service-learning project before your commitment is complete, be sure to contact your supervisor and explain. 

6. You are expected to adhere to the JCCC Student Code of Conduct while completing service-learning assignments at community sites and remember that you are a representative of the college. 

7. You are not allowed to plan activities with service recipients beyond the assigned tasks, location and supervision of your chosen community agency or organization for the duration of your service project.

8. You may not transport service recipients in their own vehicles. Although discouraged by the JCCC Service-Learning program, any driving for an agency should be done using agency vehicles.

9. Maintain the confidentiality of the people you meet during your service-learning project. 

10. Papers written in the course of class assignments are not to be published or used outside the campus community, so as not to infringe upon "human subject research" restrictions and guidelines as described/defined/articulated institutionally or federally. To take photographs or videos, you must have written permission by all subjects or their guardians, and by the agency.

The restrictions listed above are intended to protect you, as a volunteer, from some potential risks involving injury to you or your liability in injury to others, accusations of misconduct, impropriety or dishonesty which might be difficult to prove or disprove in the absence of supervisors or co-workers.

If you have specific questions or problems, contact your instructor or email the Community Based Learning office.