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Many of you are working with clients in the community who come from diverse backgrounds and have a variety of social problems and needs. In addition you may be working in an area that is unfamiliar to you.

It is important to honor these safety tips when you are serving/volunteering:

  • First and foremost, begin by attending your community agency site's orientation session. Orientation is required before you can conduct service at the site. During these sessions you will review specific safety and operational protocols, meet agency staff, and receive a tour.
  • Communicate to your emergency contact where and when you will be doing your service hours.
  • Always wear appropriate clothing and shoes.
  • Never provide your personal information to, or accept a ride from clients at your site; do not give rides or any outside support to clients or staff at the community agency site.
  • When leaving the site after dark, always walk with a buddy and advise the site you are leaving.
  • Consider going with someone to your site and volunteering together. 
  • Provide emergency contact information to the community site and in your cell phone under contacts place ICE (in case of emergency)  a name and number to contact.
  • If you ride the bus or drive a vehicle to the site, ask an agency staff member to walk you to the bus stop or your car.
  • Be vigilant and always aware of your surroundings. Stay alert. Do not keep valuables visible in your car, lock your car doors, have your keys out and ready to enter your vehicle.
  • If you feel unsafe and unsure about your environment alert the agency immediately and seek assistance.  Have their phone number in your cell phone and carry it with you.
  • Promptly report to the agency and to JCCC security and community based learning office,  any injury, accident or incident that you are involved in while participating in your service learning project.
  • For additional information about safety please visit the JCCC Police Department website.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Community Based Learning office.