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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.

Physical Science

Class Format

This class is offered in an integrated lecture/lab format.  Approximately half of the time is lecture during which I encourage questions and discussion.  The other half includes hands-on activities and labs to allow skill development and practice at problem solving.  The 3 hour classes are a challenge, so the format is designed to change activities and integrate hands-on work whenever possible to make efficient use of the time. 

Face-to-face sections – All sections 

Resource Use

Textbook:  Required.  It is the basis for all material covered in this class.

Online homework:  None

Calculator:  Required, any scientific


Grades and evaluation are based on 63% Tests (5 total) and Quizzes (10 total), 21 % Labs, In-Class Activities and Homework Assignments and 16% on a Comprehensive Final.  Missed tests can be taken in the Testing Center preferably before the next class.  The lowest quiz can be dropped, and the lowest test score can be replaced by the final.  I stress conceptual understanding and development of skills like using equations, graphs, tables and figures, rather than memorization of formulas.  To that end a formula sheet and various tables/figures are always provided during tests and quizzes.  I believe in frequent and prompt feedback, so graded work and tests are almost always returned the next class. 

Homework Policy

Both optional and graded homework assignments are included.  Homework usually cannot be made up, but one assignment in each category can be dropped.

Attendance Policy

While not specifically part of the grading for this class, attendance is crucial to success since many assignments are in-class activities or labs that must be done in class.  One lab can be dropped. 


I am available during my office hours as listed on my syllabus as well as by appointment during other times.  In addition, am happy to answer questions by phone or email.