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Spin the globe and stop it at random. Chances are we have a study abroad program in whatever country your finger lands on.

Faculty-led Programs

Open to everyone, participants embark on uniquely curated experiences led by qualified and knowledgeable JCCC faculty while learning about a specialized academic theme. All programs through the International Education office carry academic credit.

Costa Rica: Coffee, Cacao & Tico Culture

Jan. 1-10, 2024

Application Deadline: Sept. 1, 2023 (closed)

Hike beautifully preserved nature trails, explore the origins of coffee and chocolate, and dive into the blue Caribbean Sea as you study the sustainable cultivation of coffee and chocolate.

In habitats ranging from the cloud forest to the Caribbean coast, you will experience the wonders of this tropical nation while reflecting on the ecological and social implications of coffee and chocolate harvesting. Along the way you'll discover a culture that embraces "pura vida," a gratitude for life's joys.

Ecuador: Exploring Biodiversity: Amazon & Galápagos

May 14-28, 2024

Application Deadline: Oct. 13, 2023 (closed)

Travel to the Andes Mountains (Quito), the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest and the Galapagos Islands with this special section of BIOL 150: Biology of Organisms.

See first-hand the biodiversity, ecology, and evolution of organisms in the Andes Mountains and the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, one of the most biodiverse biomes on earth. Then walk in the footsteps of Charles Darwin on the islands which so deeply shaped his scientific ideas.

Iceland: Sustainability & Geology

July 14-23, 2024

Application Deadline: Nov. 30, 2023

Visit glaciers, volcanoes, epic waterfalls, thermal lagoons and more as you study climate change and sustainable living efforts in Iceland. These efforts are made possible by its complex, diverse, and fascinating geology.

During this 10-day study abroad program you will explore Iceland’s remarkable geological features and see its world-leading sustainability initiatives. Maybe you’ll see a volcano erupt; for sure you’ll visit glaciers which could disappear in your lifetime. You’ll stand on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, one foot on the North American plate and one on Europe’s. You’ll also sample unique food and experience Nordic culture. This study abroad program will be long enough for you to enjoy Iceland and short enough that you don’t have to quit your job. You’ll earn one credit hour.  

Italy: Interior Design and Architecture

May 23-June 2, 2024

Application Deadline: Nov. 27, 2023

Experience the fine arts and culture of Italian craftsmanship, focusing on interior design, art, and architecture, with JCCC faculty and local guides.

Explore famous Italian architecture, interior design, and fine artists’ works in the cities of Rome, Florence, and Ravenna. Visit the famous architectural sites and museums, and tour two high-end interior design showrooms and manufacturing facilities to learn first-hand about the histories, materials, styles, fabrication, and bespoke product techniques of fine Italian craftsmen. Expand your understanding of Italian culture, historical origins, and recognize the breadth of Italian influence in architecture, interior products and materials used in design today in the USA and around the world.

Japan: Web Development and Japanese Language in Tokyo

May 20-31, 2024

Application Deadline: Oct. 29, 2023 (closed)

Tour Japanese web development and tech companies and visit Japanese cultural sites to learn how culture informs the design aesthetic for projects there. Come away with a deeper appreciation for Japan, whose culture is both so ancient and so contemporary. 

In 2019, Japan ranked third, just behind China and the U.S., for the number of web design firms that won international juried design competitions. In contrast to American ideals, Japanese web design is characterized by adding more elements, not fewer. You will learn about this aesthetic and other aspects of Japanese culture as you visit two Japanese universities, tour Japanese web development and tech companies, spend three nights with a Japanese family, visit iconic sites (including Mt. Fuji), and fully immerse yourself in Tokyo life. You will come home more fluent in Japanese and with new inspiration for your own design projects.

Traditional Short- and Long-term Programs

Experience the world through academic programs at partner institutions for as few as two weeks, up to 15 weeks or an entire academic year.

Your expenses will vary depending on several factors:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Cost of living in the host country / currency conversion rate
  • Program length
  • Airfare
  • Housing option (homestay/apartment/dorm)
  • Meals
  • Personal expenses

These programs will have classes of various subject areas taught in English, but if you are proficient in the foreign language of the host country, you will be able to take academic courses in that language as well.

Student visas may or may not be required for these programs, depending on a variety of factors including length of program, and country of citizenship and visa requirements for those citizens by the foreign country.

We work with partner institutions to maximize the amount of credits/courses that can transfer back to JCCC and into your specific degree program.

Certain programs will have specific prerequisites, such as hours completed at JCCC, overall GPA or language requirements. Even if a program does not have a language requirement, it is strongly recommended that all study abroad participants take a course in a widely spoken language in their target country.

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