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Travel the world right from your laptop!

Explore the World returns for a destination-filled 2024! Join us virtually as speakers take you across the globe to discuss the hidden gems of various countries and potential sites of future study abroad destinations. Each session features a deep dive on two locations.

RSVP to one or both! You will receive a link to a Zoom session for each one you choose, or you may join in person in the CoLab.

Left: A city in Ecuador Right: Two giraffes

Feb. 28 at 2 p.m. in OCB 107: Ecuador with Ernesto Espindola and Kenya with Melanie Harvey

Discover Ecuador, the home country of Ernesto Espindola, Adjunct Faculty in Political Science. A nation of biodiversity and incredible beauty, Ecuador has a rich history but faces complicated realities today.

Explore Professor of Chemistry Melanie Harvey’s recent field research in Kenya. Funded by JCCC’s UISFL grant, Harvey joined an Earthwatch Expedition, “Elephants and Sustainable Agriculture.” She was able to assist with projects related to carbon offset credit values and food production and security for local communities in the Kasigau Corridor between Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks in Kenya.

left: two hikers on a trail in the woods in New Zealand Right: A kangaroo crossing a road

Mar. 28 at 2 p.m. in OCB 107: New Zealand with Beth Gulley and Dan Owens and Australia with Nancy Holcroft Benson

Traverse Invercargill, New Zealand, with Beth Gulley, Professor of English, and Dan Owens, Associate Professor of Economics, where they met colleagues at Southern Institute of Technology and collaborated on virtual exchange projects for their respective students. As part of their visit, Gulley and Owens researched Maori rhetoric and traditions as well as the economic realities facing New Zealand today.

Nancy Holcroft Benson, Professor of Biology, shares her experiences researching the unique flora and fauna of Australia with funding from JCCC’s UISFL grant. Holcroft Benson has infused the results of her study into a student project on iconic Australian species and their importance in Australian culture and national identity. She also guides students to learn about threats to the Great Barrier Reef and engage with questions about which stakeholders bear responsibility for helping to conserve this World Heritage Site.

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