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Whether on-campus or around the world, the International Education Office offers students the opportunity to have a global experience.

Study Abroad

While our Study Abroad programs are on hold during the coronavirus pandemic, you can still plan for the future by exploring all the places you can go away and see the world for college credit. 

Global Awareness Program

Through classes, activities and experiences, you can earn Global Awareness recognition that will enhance your college experience and look fantastic on any résumé.

Explore the World

Travel virtually as we meet with colleagues in the US and abroad to connect and discover the world together.

Peacebuilding Conference

Each year, JCCC, in partnership with Park University's Center for Global Peace Journalism, hosts the Greater Kansas City Peacebuilding Conference. Various topics of justice and peacebuilding give you a deeper awareness of the issues facing the United States and countries around the world. 

The 2021 conference, "Healing Our Polarized Societies," was in September and October.