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Stretch your understanding of the world and open up to international experiences: The Global Awareness Program (GAP) can help you start that adventure!

Program logo with the words "Here's your chance to explore the world!"


  • Enhance your JCCC transcript with Global Awareness Program recognition
  • Leverage your learning of cultural and societal issues
  • Improve your ability to work with people from other cultures
  • Gain a greater intercultural competency for academic and professional benefits
  • Add Global Awareness Scholar to your résumé
  • Celebrate your accomplishment at the Global Awareness Program’s completion ceremony

Program Requirements

After acceptance into the program, students can complete this program by fulfilling requirements in four components:
  1. Academic Courses (required)
  2. Activities
  3. International Experience
  4. Capstone Questions (required)
Fulfill three of these four components to get recognition for completing the Global Awareness Program. Fulfill all four to get recognition for completing the Global Awareness Program with distinction.