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Get glazing! Shape your future in ceramics as you build your skills at JCCC.

What Will I Learn About Ceramics?

Our faculty will inspire and encourage you to find your style — eclectic, playful, somber or sleek. Gather knowledge about historical ceramic wares by culture and region including the Mediterranean, Orient, Africa, America and Europe. Discover new methods using various clay bodies including earthenware and stoneware.  

in JCCC's Ceramics courses, you’ll study:

  • Design principles
  • Hand construction techniques
    • pinch
    • coil
    • slab construct
  • Wheel techniques
    • centering
    • opening
    • pulling up
    • shaping
    • trimming
  • Surface design
  • Firing methods (bisque and glaze)

Advanced students will practice sophisticated form development, throwing and decorative techniques designed for specific forms.

Why JCCC for Ceramics?

There’s no shortage of space or professional-grade wheels and kilns for you to create intricate designs using modern glazing techniques.

You’ll learn in interactive classrooms and labs housed in our new 37,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Fine Arts & Design Studios (FADS).

You’ll have access to:

  • Year-round covered outdoor workspaces
  • Ventilated studios with separate spaces for creating ceramics
  • Cross-discipline collaboration in multiple-use classrooms

JCCC professors are engaged in local, regional and international venues, exhibitions and activities, and many attend emerging trends conferences and workshops.

The JCCC campus is home to the internationally recognized Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, which houses a world-class collection of permanent works as well as traveling exhibitions. The Museum serves as a vital learning resource for students and the community.

You may also exhibit your Ceramics work through these outlets:

  • The Student Gallery, located on third floor of the Student Center, showcases some of the best work by JCCC student artists.
  • Mind’s Eye is a literary magazine produced yearly and features students’ artistic works.
  • Art competitions and exhibitions at local, regional and national levels, such as those sponsored by League for Innovation in the Community College, put your work in front of industry professionals and give it a wider community audience.

You can further develop your ceramics skills by getting involved on campus. Sign up for JCCC’s Community of Visual Professionals (CVP), a student organization that encourages artistic expression through group critiques and workshops. You’ll attend art talks by successful artists from around the country and world.

Explore the new Fine Arts & Design Building

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Some ceramicists are able to learn skills on their own; however, a formal education in ceramics or a fine arts degree is beneficial. Most ceramicists are freelance artists working in studios to create pieces to sell. Ceramicists can open stores and sell their artwork at craft co-ops or on websites. Teaching is another possible career path for ceramicists.

Need help with career decisions? Visit the Career Development Center.

At JCCC, we know that money is an important factor in pursuing your education. This is why we work hard to make tuition affordable for you.

Here’s what we offer:

Expect supplies and textbook costs to vary depending on your classes.