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Our mission is to empower students to partner with and strengthen diverse communities through service learning, volunteering and civic engagement.

The office of Community-based Learning (CBL) works with JCCC students, faculty and staff, as well as community partners to provide learning opportunities that meet the needs of the college and the community.

These learning opportunities include:

  • Service Learning
  • Electoral Engagement
  • Community-engaged Research
  • Philanthropy
  • Activism
  • Community organizing

CBL supports faculty in implementing these strategies and works with participating students to empower them to become ethical leaders, engaged citizens and public servants for more diverse and just communities. 

Service Learning in Course Work

Volunteer and enjoy. Find your interest and make it count. By volunteering at one of these agencies, you can bolster your resume and have experiences you can brag about in job interviews.

Reach out to Tara for assistance in filling out the applications and find out how JCCC can help you expand your volunteer service.

Sign up for a service learning course and volunteering will become part of your class experience. Each professor will have assignments related to a service-learning project. It is up to you to complete these assignments and learn all you can from them. 

Service Learning Sites

There are a variety of agencies that will welcome you as a service-learning volunteer.

Social Impact and Leadership Program

The Social Impact and Leadership Program combines community service, leadership training, social justice awareness and coursework to encourage and equip you to become an active leader in your community.

Apply today to develop your skills and test your ideas through community-engaged learning, while also building a professional network with leading social impact leaders.

Crush the Vote

Crush the Vote is a collaborative, nonpartisan effort by staff, faculty, students and nonprofits in the community to increase electoral engagement among our student body. 

KS Service and Civic Leadership Conference 

Join civic-minded students to share your on-campus service learning and civic engagement experiences and learn more about what other students have done. This conference will give you insights into how students in the Kansas region are making a difference in their communities and allow you to network with students and faculty on ways to enact change.