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Both the Comprehensive Academic Program Review and the Annual Planning and Development processes begin with reflection on three years of program data provided by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research. Programs are encouraged to include other relevant data as part of this reflection. In both processes, program faculty write narrative components that include progress on action plans, significant student learning outcome assessment findings, external constituency and significant trends, and self-assessment of academic program vitality. The process also includes establishing and updating program goals and plans of action, along with fiscal resource requests and adjustments. Every three years, as part of the Comprehensive Academic Program Review, programs also include additional reflections on student success, student learning outcomes and faculty success, as well as curriculum and mission alignment. 

The software program Xitracs is used to help facilitate the management of data distribution, document attachment and reflection elements. Training sessions on the process and software are available to all program faculty and staff during August Professional Development Days. Likewise, academic deans and other academic leadership participate in annual updates on the process.

For additional training needs or questions about the process, programs may contact the Office of Assessment, Evaluation and Institutional Outcomes.

9 Sections of Comprehensive Program Review

The following provides an outline of the sections that program faculty will complete within Xitracs for the Comprehensive Academic Program Review process. Also provided below are links to short videos to provide greater context and details about sections provided below. 

1.0 Program Data and Resource Repository

     1.1 Program Summary

     1.2 Quantitative and Qualitative Data 

2.0 Student Success

     2.1 Define Student Success

     2.2 Achieve/Promote Student Success
     2.3 Co-Curricular Activities

3.0 Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

     3.1 Reflection on table provided on assessment

     3.2 Significant Assessment Findings

     3.3 Ongoing Assessment Plans

4.0 External Constituencies and Significant Trends

5.0 Curriculum Reflection

     5.1 Reflection on Current Curriculum

     5.2 Degree and Certificate Offerings or Support

     5.3 Honors Activities

6.0 Faculty Success

     6.1 Program Accomplishments

     6.2 Faculty Accomplishments

     6.3 Innovative Research, Teaching or Community Service

7.0 Program Planning and Development for Student Success 

     7.1 Narrative/Reflection on Qualitative and Quantitative Data and Trends

     7.2 Academic Program Vitality Reflection, Goals and Action Plans

     7.3 Mission and Strategic Plan Alignment

8.0 Fiscal Resource Requests/Adjustments

9.0 Program Planning and Development Participation

     9.1 Faculty and Staff

     9.2 Dean and/or Administrative Designee Response