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Ethics Report Line is a comprehensive and confidential reporting tool to assist management and employees to work together to address fraud, abuse, and misconduct in the workplace, all while cultivating a positive work environment.

We believe that our employees are our most important asset. By creating open channels of communication, we can promote a positive work environment and maximize productivity. Publicly traded companies are required by law to have an anonymous reporting vehicle to address accounting and auditing fraud directly to the audit committee. An effective reporting system can be our most useful tool in reducing losses due to fraud and abuse.

Our companies choose to promote ethical behavior. All unethical conduct, at any level, ultimately hurts the company and all employees, including you. You only have to consider what happened in recent corporate scandals to see disastrous effects that a seemingly harmless lapse in ethics can have on an otherwise healthy company. So if you know of any incidents of misconduct or ethical violations, consider it your duty to yourself and your coworkers to report it.