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JCCC employees support student services with gifts of time — and money.

The efforts of our faculty and staff shape the lives of our students and strengthen our community. They understand the challenges our students face. They know the difference even a single dollar can make for a student buying a book or meal or riding the bus. Because of this, our employees make an impact outside of the classroom by making charitable contributions to JCCC’s Open Petal Society.

The open petal in JCCC’s logo represents the future, and each petal is defined by the deeds of each generation of students and staff. The Open Petal Society increases scholarship opportunities for students and supports critical funds for student resources. JCCC’s faculty and staff invest in students both inside and outside of the classroom.

The JCCC Foundation oversees collection and disbursement of employee charitable donations, making the process easy and financially beneficial. In return, students get some financial relief that allows them to focus on their coursework and classroom lectures and labs.

A Legacy of Giving

For more information about employee giving or charitable giving to the College, contact Judi Reilly at 913-469-2718.

Alicia Bredehoeft
“Everyone needs a little help at some time during their educational journey. Employee giving makes it possible for all of us to positively impact the lives of students year after year.”
~Alicia Bredehoeft, Counselor, MEd
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