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Our Mission

The Johnson County Community College Foundation supports the overall mission of JCCC, its strategic goals and its initiatives.

We work to provide access to the College for all students; advance excellence through the development of community leadership, business partnerships and financial support; and promote cultural activities to enrich the College and the community.

Established in 1971, the JCCC Foundation is the fundraising arm of the College. We are a separate 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. We seek partnerships and sponsors for College initiatives and provide funding for student and College needs not otherwise covered by tuition and tax revenues.

Our primary areas of focus include:

  • Establishing and funding student scholarships
  • Developing partnerships that support College programs and initiatives, including the Midwest Trust Center Presents series and the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Developing community leaders and providing service through our executive committee and board of directors
2020-21 Year in Review Celebrate with us

JCCC Foundation Executive Committee

Marshaun Butler, President

Marshaun Butler


Jeff Alpert, Vice President

Jeff Alpert

Vice President

Dr. Andrew W. Bowne, Secretary

Dr. Andy Bowne


Pam Popp, Treasurer

Pam Popp


Suze Parker, Past President

Suze Parker

Past President

Mike Boehm, Member-at-Large

Mike Boehm


Sean Khurana, Member-at-Large

Sean Khurana


Tim McKee, Member-at-Large

Tim McKee


Leo Nunnink, Member-at-Large

Leo Nunnink


Gerald Lee Cross Jr., Board of Trustee Liaison

Gerald Lee Cross Jr.

Board of Trustees Liaison

Paul Snider, Board of Trustee Liaison

Paul Snider

Board of Trustees Liaison

Board of Directors

  • Jeff Alpert
  • Mary Baldwin
  • Bradley A. Bergman
  • Bryan Biggs
  • Mary Birch
  • Michael A. Boehm
  • Dr. Andy Bowne
  • Marshaun Butler
  • Jason E. Camis
  • Gerald Lee Cross Jr., Trustee
  • Katie Dunn Fitzgerald
  • Carl Gerlach
  • Sam Huenergardt
  • Sean Khurana
  • Michael Lally
  • Liz Lewis
  • Beth McCown
  • Tim McKee
  • Laurie Minard
  • Tom Mitchell
  • Rich Muller
  • Lewis Nerman
  • Leo Nunnink
  • Tracey Osborne Oltjen
  • Suze Parker
  • Pam Popp
  • Clint Robinson
  • Kurt Saylor
  • Ashley Sherard
  • Paul Snider, Trustee
  • Jon Stewart
  • Heidi Thummel
  • Lori Tinkler
  • David Zamierowski

Our Members

  • Karina Addari
  • Mike Armstrong
  • Rita Ashley
  • Aaron Attebery*
  • Doug Barnard
  • Jeff Bell
  • Joe Beveridge
  • Tom Bickimer*
  • Harvey S. Bodker
  • Robert Brogden
  • Marienne Brown
  • Karin Brownlee
  • Shirley Brown-VanArsdale
  • Tom P. Carrico
  • Ashley Cherafat
  • Jacqueline Clark
  • Jeff Cloud
  • Jerry Cook, Trustee
  • Mary E. Davidson
  • Kirby V. Deeter
  • Frank Devocelle
  • Bob Drummond
  • Peggy J. Dunn
  • Cathy Ellis
  • Chris Ellis
  • Jamie Fain
  • Mark A. Ferguson
  • Adam Fichman
  • Ricardo E. Fontg
  • Don Forsythe
  • Robert W. Fry
  • Todd Gafney
  • Brian E. Gardner
  • Tracy Garry
  • Chris Gerlach
  • Jill R. Gerlach
  • Mark Gilman
  • Celina Goez
  • Carlos Gomez
  • Carol Gonzales
  • Cindy Green
  • Lewis Gregory
  • Alice Hawk
  • Mel Hawk
  • Joyce Hayhow
  • Dalton Hermes
  • Stan Holm
  • Kevin Honomichl*
  • James R. Hubbard
  • Nancy Ingram, Trustee
  • Nick Jordan
  • Frank H. Kirk
  • David Kriet, M.D.
  • Audrey H. Langworthy
  • Todd LaSala
  • Angeliina Lawson, Trustee
  • Joshua Lewis
  • Hugh Libby
  • Andy Logan
  • Carol Logan
  • Janet Long
  • Tim Lopatofsky
  • Pat McCown
  • Larry G. Meeker
  • Candy Merrill
  • Alicia Mitchelson
  • Lynn Mitchelson
  • Dennis Moore
  • Vince Morris
  • Greg Musil, Trustee
  • Bobby Olm-Shipman
  • Jan Pishny
  • Lyle Pishny
  • Julie Quirin
  • Melody Rayl
  • Kiran Reddy Huggins*
  • Robert D. Regnier
  • Dan Robeson
  • Shirley Rose
  • Stephen F. Rose
  • Jack H. Ross
  • Carol H. Sader
  • Henry Sandate
  • Ken Schifman
  • Susan (Sue) Seidler Nerman
  • Jere Sellers
  • Veronica Sellers
  • George Semb
  • Patricia Semb
  • Stephanie Sharp
  • Brenda Sharpe
  • Susan Shen
  • Donald D. Shook
  • Richard G. Shull
  • Cris Smith
  • Laura Smith-Everett, Trustee
  • Judith Stanton
  • Stewart M. Stein
  • Susan L. Stewart
  • Mandy Stuke
  • Stephen (Steve) Talge
  • Mary Tearney
  • Terry Van Der Tuuk
  • Thomas W. (Tom) Van Dyke
  • Dave Vander Veen
  • John Vratil
  • David H. Westbrook
  • Bernie Wieger
  • Steven D. Wilkinson
  • Wanda Wilkinson
  • Kent D. Wittrock
  • Connie Zack

An important component of the Foundation's mission is to identify and develop partnerships that provide financial support to JCCC programs and initiatives

Healthcare Simulation Center — The Foundation supports JCCC's Healthcare Simulation Center with funds for maintaining the facility. The lab is a unique learning area that prepares nursing, respiratory care and emergency medical science students by teaching them to provide safe care using state-of-the-art simulated patients.

JC3 InnovationsTM is a healthcare products developer/retailer based at the College. The business is a division of the JCCC Foundation. The Foundation uses all proceeds from the sale of JC3 InnovationsTM products for student scholarships.

International Service-Learning Projects — The Foundation helps fund JCCC's Partnership for Service Learning, which offers students and faculty semester-length service-learning programs abroad.

The Children's Garden at JCCC's Hiersteiner Child Development Center — Gifts through the Foundation funded the construction of a hoop-house garden at the HCDC. Children at the center watch as seeds are planted and produce is harvested and made into fresh, healthy meals.

Johnson County Adult Education — The Foundation receives grants to help support Johnson County Adult Education, a program that helps adults improve their reading, writing and math skills and prepare for the GED® test.

JCCC Athletics — Foundation contributions help maintain JCCC's first-class athletic programs by providing support for team travel and other program needs. Currently the Foundation supports fundraising efforts for women's basketball (FastBreak Club), volleyball (Ace Club) and baseball (Hit-a-thon), as well as athletic sponsor recognition in the facilities, fields and gymnasium.

Wylie Hospitality and Culinary Academy — The Foundation led a $3 million capital campaign to fund the construction of the Wylie Hospitality and Culinary Academy. This beautiful facility includes culinary labs, an innovation kitchen and a demonstration kitchen in a culinary theater. It houses classes that prepare JCCC students for jobs as chefs, dietary managers and other foodservice professionals.