Rent Our Theatres

The Midwest Trust Center (MTC) offers three spaces for rent on the Johnson County Community College campus.

collage of 3 images showing Yardley Hall, MTC Lobby and Polsky Theatre

Left: Yardley Hall  |  Middle: Polsky Theatre  |  Right: Midwest Trust Center Lobby

Yardley Hall

The largest of the MTC theatres, this space boasts four levels: orchestra, tier, balcony and box. The acoustics are superb and can be tuned for vocal or instrumental music.

Seating capacity: 1,300

Rental period Per hour (4-hour minimum) Full day (12 hours)
Regular rate Nonprofit rate* Regular rate Nonprofit rate*
Tue. – Thu. $500 $300 $3,500 $2,000
Fri. – Sun. $550 $350 $3,850 $2,500

Additional time, per hour: Regular rate: $500 | Nonprofit rate: $300

Polsky Theatre

This medium-sized MTC venue features two seating levels – a lower-level orchestra and an upper-level tier and boxes. Designed to enhance the spoken voice, this space lends itself to drama performances.

Seating capacity: 440

Rental period Per hour (4-hour minimum) Full day (12 hours)
Regular rate Nonprofit rate* Regular rate Nonprofit rate*
Tue. – Thu. $200 $150 $1,750 $1,000
Fri. – Sun. $250 $200 $2,000 $1,200

Additional time, per hour: Regular rate: $200 | Nonprofit rate: $150

Midwest Trust Center Lobby

Rent the large central area just outside MTC’s two performance spaces (Yardley Hall and Polsky Theatre).

  • Clients using either Polsky or Yardley must rent out the Lobby Granite and Carpet area. MTC Lobby may not be rented on its own.
  • Carpeted area (flat rate): Regular rate: $50 | Nonprofit rate*: $25
  • Granite floor area (flat rate): Regular rate: $150 | Nonprofit rate*: $125

*Nonprofit rate: Groups with official IRS nonprofit 501(c)3 status may qualify for a discounted rental rate for performance spaces only. The discount does not apply to fees for box office, house management, staff, technical equipment or technical services. The Federal EIN Nonprofit ID number must be furnished at the time of application to qualify.

Rental Guide

Inquiries will be considered no less than six months out for new rental clients.

Once you submit your SPACES request, the MTC Rental committee will review your application. It can take up to 30 days to approve or decline. No dates will be held until the committee has approved the event. (Decision criteria and next steps can be found under "Review before you rent.")

For events with more than 100 performers, both Yardley Hall and Polsky Theatre must be available, regardless of requested space.

A 50% deposit is required when signed contract is returned.

Submit your request through JCCC’s space management system, SPACES .

Based on the needs of the event, MTC staff may recommend you request the use of another space on the JCCC campus rather than an MTC space. To request one of those spaces (such as the Capitol Federal Conference Center, the Atrium, the Cube or the Regnier Dining Room), please use the JCCC space management system SPACES (above) to add those spaces to your original request; do not create a new request.

Reservation time must include all activities for your event, from loading in of materials through final loading out. You or you representative cannot obtain access to the space before your reservation time begins.

Actual use of the time in the space for confirmed reservation will be determined in a production meeting four to six weeks before the event.

Dance and theater performances:

  • A lighting plot and stage layout must be provided
  • If you do not have a design, we can recommend someone who will charge a reasonable price to create a design
  • We do not hang a rep plot
  • All setup and teardown labor is charged to the client

Dance setup:

  • Requires one supervisor and eight stagehands working a minimum of 12 hours to hang a lighting plot of any substance, to be completed prior to the company arrival and load-in
  • If the company has its own lighting and staging personnel, those individuals are welcome on site during the hang days to observe and/or supervise
  • Overtime charges apply after 12 hours per day

Any changes to schedule, production needs, ticketing or front-of-house needs which differ from discussion in the production meeting should be communicated to the appropriate MTC contact at least two weeks prior to event.

MTC staff are committed to responding to your questions and concerns in a timely and professional manner. Clients are requested to respond to email or phone communications from MTC staff in kind.

Rental rate includes:

  • Free campus parking (subject to availability)
  • Dressing rooms
  • Stage
  • Fly lines
  • House sound system
  • Restrooms
  • Loading dock
  • Seating areas
  • Heat/air conditioning
  • Water
  • House lights
  • Lobby lighting
  • Basic stage lighting (three color washes on stage and front of house, hi-sides with gobos and up to 10 specials – five from front of house, five on stage)
  • Normal campus security
  • Standard housekeeping pre- and post-event (If trash in either the dressing rooms or the seating area is excessive, a cleaning charge of $250 will be applied.)

Other fees

MTC Box Office fees



Performance setup fee (1 st performance)


Performance setup fee (additional performances)


Per ticket fee, paid tickets


Per ticket fee, comp tickets


Sales tax (subject to change based on local and state sales taxes)

9.10% of gross revenue

Equipment fees





Acoustical shell


Follow spot (per spot per day)




Pit reconfiguration


Follow spot (per spot per day)




Dance floor




Chairs (orchestra or upholstered, per chair, per day)


Risers (band or choral, per riser, per day)


Music stands (per stand per day)


Tables (per table per day)


Rolling costume racks (per rack per day)


Fog or haze machine with fluid (per machine per day)


Piano, 6’ baby grand, Yamaha (per day)


Piano, 9’ grand, Baldwin (per day)


Piano, 9’ grand, Steinway (per hour, 4-hour minimum)


Piano tuning (per service)


Microphone (per mic per day) *three included in rental


Stage monitors (per monitor per day) *two included in rental


Special effect lighting equipment

Varies based on need

Projector, 4K res, 13K lumens (per hour)


Projector, 10K HD (per hour)


Computer, laptop/desktop, PC/Mac (per computer per day)


Projection screen, 11’x20’ (per day)


Projection screen, 17’x20’ (per day)


Confetti usage fee


Labor fees



Supervisor (per hour, 4-hour min.)


Supervisor overtime (per hour, after 8 hours)


Stagehand (per hour, 4-hour min.)


Stagehand overtime (per hour, after 8 hours)


House manager (per hour, 5-hour min.)


Box office staff (per hour, min. 2 cashiers, 2.5 hours)


Service fees



Multi-track audio recording/editing (per hour, 4-hour min.)


Video recording, IMAG (per hour, 4-hour min.)


Weddings and weekly religious services are not permitted per JCCC rental policies.

JCCC Catering is available; no outside catering allowed.

Beverages: Wine and beer may be served for special events.

Also in this section:



For a safe and smooth event, we expect you to follow the advice of our professional front-of-house staff.


MTC provides ushers, which are required for all events. The front-of-house manager will determine necessary staffing levels for house managers and volunteers to ensure a safe and smooth operation.

  • Required: A minimum of one house manager at $20/hour, each reporting for a minimum five-hour call
  • This minimum staffing is required, regardless of other personnel you provide


MTC will provide the necessary number of volunteers to staff your event and ensure efficient operations. If you also plan to provide outside volunteers, please get approval by MTC staff prior to your event.


MTC staff must approve, in advance, the use of any equipment requested for lobby setup, such as tables, chairs and decorations.

Lobby activities

All lobby activities, including sales, donations, vendors, etc., must be pre-approved by MTC staff.

Merchandise sales

You cannot sell – or offer for sale – any merchandise or products on JCCC property or in connection with the performance without prior written approval from the College. If the College approves your sale of merchandise, you will be solely responsible for registering with the State of Kansas and collecting and remitting all applicable sales tax to the State of Kansas, and for any other tax liabilities associated with the sales.

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the College for any liability and damages incurred as a result of your reach of this provision. JCCC shall receive a commission of 30% of net sales on soft goods if JCCC provides sellers and bank, or 20% if you provide sellers and bank. JCCC shall receive a commission of 10% on CD sales, regardless of who sells.



For a safe and smooth event, we expect you to follow the advice of our professional stagehands.


The director of operations will determine necessary staffing levels for stagehands for your event.

  • Required: A minimum of three stagehands at $25/hour/stagehand, each reporting for a minimum four-hour call
  • Stagehands serve as lighting technician operator, audio engineer and stage floor manager
  • This minimum staffing is required, regardless of other personnel you require


MTC staff must approve, in advance, the use of any equipment for an event. Be prepared to outline equipment needs at the production meeting. MTC staff may offer suggestions for substitutions if specific equipment is unavailable for your event.

Outside vendors

Please see the approved vendors list for recommended outside vendors. Please consult with MTC staff prior to contracting with any vendor not on this list.


MTC Box Office

You must use the MTC Box Office ticketing services for any ticketed events which takes place in Yardley Hall or Polsky Theatre. The MTC Box Office does not provide ticketing services for other spaces on the JCCC campus, or events which happen off-campus. You are not allowed to “supplement” ticket sales through any other ticketing source. MTC does not allow consignment ticket sales.

Ticket Details Form

The Ticket Details Form will be provided when a contract is signed and returned and must be completed in its entirety prior to an event being built in our ticketing system.

Tickets on sale

Tickets will go on sale no sooner than eight weeks prior to event.

  • Online sales will be available 24/7
  • In-person phone/window sales will be available Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (except when JCCC is closed for holidays)
  • MTC Box Office windows will open for in-person sales 60 minutes prior to curtain and will remain open 30 minutes after curtain (or through intermission, if applicable)
  • Online sales will remain available through 30 minutes after curtain

Kansas state sales tax

Kansas state sales tax will be due based on the face value of all tickets issued. It is a JCCC policy to have the sales tax included in the advertised price of the ticket, not added on top of the ticket price. The total amount of sales tax (currently 9.1%) based on tickets sold will be deducted from the gross ticket sales for your event and paid to the State of Kansas.

Ticket delivery

The MTC Box Office will provide will-call services.

  • At time of purchase, patrons may choose their ticket delivery method (email, U.S. mail or will call)
  • The U.S. mail option will be stopped 10 days prior to the event to allow time for ticket arrival
  • The MTC Box Office will not hold reservations to be paid at the door— all tickets must be paid for at time of reservation

Box office schedule/staffing levels

The MTC Box Office manager will determine appropriate and necessary staffing levels for the box office on the day of your event.

  • Required: A minimum of one box office supervisor and one box office clerk at $20/hour each, reporting for a minimum two-hour call

Lap child

Children ages 0-2 will be considered lap children. Patrons do not need to purchase an additional ticket if they are holding their child on their lap. However, the ticketing system requires patrons to identify, during their ticket purchase, if they will have a child on their lap. There is no additional cost for this. The lap child will be assigned a ticket for total headcount purposes, but the seat number will be the same as on the accompanying adult's ticket.

Youth rates

If you would like to offer a youth rate, it will be applicable for children ages 3-18.


Based on the size and complexity of your event, MTC staff will determine whether additional security is required, which must be arranged through the JCCC Police Department. The cost of additional security will be your responsibility.

Backstage access

Only client-approved individuals will have access to backstage. A representative from your group should be present and able to identify those granted access backstage. We recommend nametags or wristbands be used to help MTC staff identify who should have access to backstage areas.


You must submit proof of liability insurance in the form of a Certificate of Insurance (COI) at least 30 days prior to your event. Your event can be canceled if you do not submit your COI at least 30 days before your event. Additional insurance coverage is required for events that involve minors under the age of 18.

Catering/food service

All food and alcohol service must be arranged through JCCC Catering. Absolutely no outside catering or food service is allowed. Please make arrangements directly with JCCC Catering.

Food service is not allowed in backstage dressing rooms, and no food is allowed in the theater house. Food service for artists is allowed in the Green Room but must be arranged through JCCC Catering.

Damage to JCCC property policy

You are financially responsible for any damage done to JCCC or MTC equipment or property by performers, event organizers or audience members during your time in the space. If trash in either the dressing rooms or the seating area is excessive, a cleaning charge of $250 – above and beyond your rental fee – will be applied.


In the event of an emergency, you, your representatives and your patrons must follow all instructions of MTC staff and/or JCCC officials.

Operations staff

The MTC operations staff consists of:

  • director of operations
  • technical director
  • two crew chiefs – a chief audio engineer and a master electrician
  • a pool of 25 stagehands who work with the crew chiefs to run shows and maintain the MTC performance spaces
  • in-house scheduling coordinator

Rental process

Summary checklist:
☑️ Submit rental inquiry on SPACES
☑️ Complete PSRA form
☑️ Rental committee reviews application
☑️ Receive contract & return within 30 days
☑️ Pay 50% deposit
☑️ Production meeting a month before event
☑️ Submit Certificate of Insurance (COI) 30+ days before event
☑️ Event cancellation requires 30 days’ notice
☑️ Receive invoice 2 weeks after event
☑️ Receive post-event report 30 days after event

Detailed instructions:
  1. Submit your rental inquiry via SPACES.
  2. Upon receipt of the rental inquiry, the scheduling coordinator will email the Performance Space Rental Application and Introduction Packet (PSRA), which should be completed and returned.
  3. Upon receipt of the completed PSRA, the Rental Committee will review your application, and then approve or decline within 30 days. No dates will be held until the committee has approved the event.
    1. The committee consists of:
        Stacie McDaniel, Executive Director
        Sean Bergman, Director of Operations
        Anthony Putzier, Technical Director
        Tamara J. Kingston, Scheduling Coordinator
        Rachel Hoyer, Box Office Manager
        Ebeth Campbell, Front of House Manager
    2. The committee will consider the following criteria:
      1. The PSRA has been completed in its entirety and all necessary information has been provided.
      2. The request is made with sufficient lead time. Typically, six months of advance notice is required.
      3. The date is available, and we have sufficient staff to manage the event.
        • In some cases, the date may be available, but not able to be staffed due to other events happening in the same time period
        • Rentals will also be denied during the July or mid-December to mid-January maintenance months
        • Requests for dates August – June will be approved, starting the preceding April 1
      4. For events with more than 100 performers, both spaces (Yardley Hall and Polsky Theatre) must be available, regardless of requested space.
      5. The proposed program supports the mission and strategic plan of JCCC and the Midwest Trust Center.
      6. The proposed program is temporary, occasional and incidental to normal College operations.
      7. The proposed program fits within JCCC guidelines and has an educational component such as business, education or community development.
      8. The proposed program must not:
        • conflict with College policies/ procedures
        • compete with existing College programming
        • interfere with public health, welfare or safety
        • involve unusual, extraordinary or burdensome expenses for the College
        • involve unnecessary safety or security concerns
        • unreasonably compete with local private enterprise
      9. Facility rentals may not be used for:
        • personal or family parties, including weddings, reunions, bar mitzvahs and other personal/family celebrations (unless the personal purpose is incidental to the primary criteria set forth under the above)
        • political fundraising purposes
        • primarily commercial activity that does not benefit College
      10. The proposed program should not duplicate College offerings.
      11. The potential client has a positive history of interacting with JCCC and/or the Midwest Trust Center and has not previously violated JCCC or MTC policies or guidelines.
      12. The potential client has presented positive references.
      13. If professional performers are involved, a technical rider should be provided.
      14. The client can demonstrate their readiness to present a high-quality and well-organized event.
  1. Once the event is approved by the Rental Committee, the client will receive an email with the Facility Usage Request Form (FUR) (contract) and MTC policies addendum for client e-signature, along with a sample of the required Certificate of Insurance (COI) and fee schedule (rental fees, stagehands and front-of-house labor, equipment and box office fees). At this time, the date will be tentative on the MTC schedule. You then have 30 days to complete and return the contract.
  2. When you have reviewed and signed the contract, you must present a 50% deposit. You will be sent contact information for catering, if applicable.
  3. Once the contract has been signed and deposit received, if the event is ticketed, you must complete the Ticket Information Form and confirm ticketing needs with the box office manager.
  4. Approximately four to six weeks prior to the event, a mandatory production meeting will be scheduled. The production meeting is attended by the technical director, scheduling coordinator, front-of-house manager, box office manager (if the event is ticketed) and you/your representative(s). Your representative at this meeting must have decision-making authority for the event and should be the same individual serving as the day-of contact for the event.
  5. A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is due at least 30 days prior to the event.
  6. Any changes to schedule, production needs, ticketing or front-of-house needs should be communicated to the appropriate MTC contact at least two weeks prior to event. See MTC Contact List for appropriate contact. If you need to cancel the event, 30 days’ notice is required.
  7. On the day of the event, your representative(s) will be allowed access to the space at the scheduled time. No one will be allowed access to the space until your client representative is present. The representative should be present and available to make decisions or answer questions for the entirety of the event’s time in the space.
  8. MTC staff will do their best to ensure you have a successful and smooth event. You are expected to follow all guidelines and advice of the MTC staff before, during and after the event.
  9. A final invoice will be submitted to JCCC third-party billing within 10 business days. If tickets were sold, the balance due will be subtracted from the ticket revenue and then a check will be cut for net revenue. If no tickets were sold, you will receive a bill for the balance due.
  10. After the event is over, you will receive a post-event report within 30 days, which will include attendance information and notes from the staff, as well as an outline of next steps.

Submit a SPACES request

For information about other JCCC facilities available for rent, please visit Facilities Scheduling.