Rent Our Theatres

You can rent performance space in the Midwest Trust Center on the campus of Johnson County Community College.

To rent space or for rental information, email us or call 913-469-4400.

Available spaces include:

  • Yardley Hall
  • Polsky Theatre
  • Recital Hall
  • Midwest Trust Center lobby

Rental Prices

Rental prices appear as regular rates and (nonprofit rates*):

Yardley Hall

  • Six-hour minimum: $3,000 ($1,800)
  • Full-day rate: (12 hours) $3,500 ($2,000)
  • Additional time: $500 per hour ($300 per hour)

Polsky Theatre

  • Six-hour minimum: $1,200 ($900)
  • Full-day rate: $1,750 ($1,000)
  • Additional time: $200 per hour ($150 per hour)

Recital Hall

  • Four-hour minimum: $120 ($80)
  • Additional time: $30 per hour ($20 per hour)

Midwest Trust Center Lobby

  • Carpeted, Flat rate: $50 ($25)
  • Granite, Flat rate: $150 ($125)

*Groups with official IRS nonprofit 501 (c)3 status may qualify for a discounted rate on rent for performance spaces. The Federal EIN Nonprofit ID number must be furnished at the time of application. The discount will apply to rent only, not  to fees for box office, house management, technical equipment or staff, or technical services.

Reservation time must include all activities for the event, from loading in of materials through final loading out by lessee. The lessee cannot obtain access to the space before "reservation time" begins. Actual use of time in the space for confirmed reservation will be determined in a production meeting four to six weeks before the event.

The college requires that a certificate of liability insurance be furnished by the applicant in the amount of $1 million, and it must be on file in the Scheduling Office at least 30 days before the event date.

Rental fees include:

  • Free campus parking (subject to availability)
  • dressing rooms
  • stage
  • fly lines
  • house sound system
  • restrooms
  • loading dock
  • seating areas
  • heat
  • air-conditioning
  • water
  • house lights
  • lobby lighting
  • basic lighting on stage (three color washes on stage and front of house, hi sides w/gobo's, 10 specials - five from front of house, five on stage)
  • normal campus security
  • housekeeping pre and post event

Note: If trash in either the dressing rooms or the seating area is excessive, a cleaning charge of $250 will be applied.

Cancellation Notice: When renting the performance spaces in the Midwest Trust Center, the renter must notify the facility Scheduling Office of a cancellation at least 30 days prior to the scheduled event. Otherwise, charges will be assessed.

Audience Service Costs

If your event is ticketed, use of the JCCC Box Office is required.

Audience service costs include:

  • $125 per performance computer setup fee
  • $1 per ticket sold service fee via box office phones and windows
  • Online sales are available.
  • Online sales fees Ticket Price Ranges
    • From $0.00 to $9.99 Fee - $1.50/Ticket
    • From $10.00 to $19.99 Fee - $2.50/Ticket
    • From $20.00 to $29.99 Fee - $3.50/Ticket
    • From $30.00 to $39.99 Fee - $4.50/Ticket
    • $40.00 and up Fee - $5.50/Ticket
  • $15 per hour box office staff
  • Cashier on duty to work event day or evening of performance. Minimum two cashiers for 2 and a half hours.
  • Sales tax will be due on the face value of all tickets issued. The current sales tax rate is 9.1 percent.

Technical Services

Midwest Trust Center performing space events require a three-stagehand minimum at $25 an hour, each reporting for a minimum four-hour call.

Stagehands serve as lighting technician operator, audio engineer and stage floor manager. These stagehands are required whenever Yardley Hall or the Polsky Theatre is rented regardless of any other personnel required by the client.

In the Midwest Trust Center, all equipment operation is done by JCCC stagehands. A supervisor and/or additional stagehands may be necessary depending upon production options chosen. These determinations are made by the Midwest Trust Center production manager at the production meeting scheduled approximately one month prior to the event. Actual time of stage use, within the reservation time, is also determined at the production meeting.

Technical Equipment

Stage Properties

  • Acoustical shell, Yardley Hall: $200 per event
  • Dance floor: $200 per event
  • Lectern: $25 each per day
  • Chairs, orchestra or upholstered: $3 each per day
  • Risers, band or choral: $15 each per day
  • Music stands: $1 each per day
  • Tables, stage or lobby, with or without skirting: $12 each per day
  • Rolling costume racks: $2 each per day
  • Pit reconfiguration, Polsky Theatre: $300 per event
  • Fog or haze machines with fluid: $85 each per day

Sound Equipment

  • Piano, 6’ baby grand, Yamaha: $125 each per day
  • Piano, 9’ grand, Baldwin: $200 each per day
  • Piano, 9’ grand, Steinway: $110 per hour, minimum four hours
  • Piano tuning: $145 per service
  • Microphone, $50 each per day (3 included per rental)
  • Multi-track recording/editing services: $50 per hour
  • Stage monitors: $35 each per day (2 included with rental)

Lighting/Effects Equipment

  • Follow spots, Yardley: $200 each per day
  • Follow spots, Polsky Theatre: $100 each per day
  • Special effect lightings equipment: TBD per event

Video Production Equipment

  • Projector, 4K res., 13K lum.: $125 per hour
  • Projector, 10K HD: $60 per hour 
  • Computer, laptop/desktop, PC or Mac: $150 each per day
  • Projection screen, 11’x20’: $100 per day
  • Projection screen, 17’x20’: $150 per day
  • Video pkg., DVD: $40 each per day
  • Video recording, IMAG: $50 per hour


  • Supervisor time: $30 per hour
  • Supervisor overtime: $45 per hour
  • Stagehand time: $25 per hour
  • Stagehand overtime: $30 per hour
  • House management: 5 hour minimum at $20 per hour

Note: In general for dance and theater performances, a lighting plot and stage layout must be provided. If you do not have a design, we can recommend someone that will charge a reasonable price to create a design. Also, when budgeting for a performance, please be aware that we do not hang a rep plot, and all setup and teardown labor is charged to the client. Generally, a setup for dance will require one supervisor and eight stagehands working a minimum of 12 hours to hang a lighting plot of any substance. This work is completed prior to the company arrival and load-in. If the company has its own lighting and staging personnel those persons are welcome to be on site during the hang days to observe and or supervise. Overtime charges apply after 12 hours per day.

Operations Staff

The Midwest Trust Center operations staff consists of a technical director and two crew chiefs: a chief audio engineer and a master electrician. A pool of 25 stagehands works with the crew chiefs to run shows and maintain the performance spaces in the Midwest Trust Center. Scheduling is handled by an in-house coordinator.

For contact information, use the directory.

Rachel Hoyer
Box Office Manager

Stacie McDaniel
Executive Director

Sean Bergman
Technical Director

Ian Mason
Sound Engineer

Tamara Kingston
Performance Halls Scheduling Coordinator

Tripp McMillan
Master Electrician

Elizabeth (Ebeth) Campbell
House/Volunteer Manager