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Arts Ed School Show Matinees

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Arts Ed School Show Matinees

What is a school show?

Our Arts Education program offers high-quality performances specifically designed for young audiences that cultivate wonder and imagination. Performances scheduled during the school day are referred to as “school shows” because their audience is primarily students on school field trips.

Who can attend a school show?

Our school shows are intended primarily for area K-12 students and homeschool groups, but anyone is welcome to attend school shows. Individuals who choose to attend a school performance are asked to remember that they will be seated in an area of the house selected by our house managers and the audience will be mostly made up of children on school field trips.

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Info for Schools and Homeschools

How does your bus funding work?
We provide bus reimbursement for schools that apply and are awarded a bus grant. Schools are responsible for ordering their bus and directing the bus company to bill the school directly. After your field trip, you’ll forward a copy of the bus invoice to us. We will then write and mail a check to the school to cover the cost. Please use the bus reimbursement form to apply. Funding is limited.

Are you able to accommodate children with wheelchairs or other special needs?
Yes! We have elevators, wheelchair-accessible restrooms, a hearing loop system, and sign language interpreters upon request. You can speak with a Box Office staff member or look for the space in our free ticket application to describe your accommodation needs.

What is your seating policy for school shows?
Your school group will be preassigned to a specific seating area. MTC staff and volunteer ushers will escort each group to their assigned section. Individuals and families, please have your tickets ready to be scanned by our ushers.  

How many teachers and adult chaperones should I have with my student group?
We recommend at least one adult for every 20 students. When purchasing tickets for a school group, you will receive one free ticket for every 20 purchased. 

Can I add an on-site lunch, JCCC campus tour, or tour of the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art to my field trip?
Please ask in advance. We will do our best to find a space for your lunch on a first-come, first-served basis. The JCCC Student Center cafeteria is reserved for College students, but K-12 visitors can bring sack lunches stored together in bins. For tours of the JCCC campus and Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, please ask in advance and we will connect with those departments to explore availability on your day. 

What should we wear?
Students are welcome to dress how they typically would dress for school. Please keep the weather in mind.

Can we take photos or videos of the performance?
Typically no, but this varies by performance and artist. You will hear more about this during the pre-show speech. 

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What is your policy for ticket changes, like adding more students and chaperones? What if I need to cancel our trip?
Please let the Box Office (913-469-4445, M-F 10-5) know as soon as possible if there are changes in the number of people you are bringing (students or chaperones). If you need to make changes less than a week before the performance, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

  • If you are unsure how many people you will be bringing, please reserve your tickets through the MTC Box Office, then finalize your number and pay for your tickets a week before the performance. (Note: reserving tickets is only available to schools and homeschool groups over 20)
  • If you need to cancel your trip, please reach out to the MTC Box Office and we will work with you on a resolution.

Are tickets available for purchase at the door?

It is always a good idea to get your tickets in advance since school shows often sell out. If there are tickets available on the day of the performance, you can purchase them at the Box Office windows. If you are a parent wanting to sit with a specific school group, please purchase your tickets ahead of time and let the Box Office know what school you’d like to sit with. You can purchase online or by calling 913-469-4445. If you need more than five tickets, please purchase in advance.

Do homeschool groups qualify for school group prices?

Yes. Please let the Box Office know you are with a homeschool group of over 20. If ordering tickets online, please put your homeschool group name under “company” and choose the “school group” price code.

Why is there a price difference between school shows and an evening performance of the same show?

To keep field trips affordable for school groups, our school performances are subsidized by grant money from Arts Education Supporters. Our school performances are often a shortened version of the performance to better fit into school field trip schedules. The evening performances are typically the full version of the show.

I’m a JCCC faculty/staff member or JCCC student. Does my ticket discount apply to school shows?

No. Because school show prices are only $6 for the general public, no discounts apply.

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