A woman sits in a chair holding a crystal ball. A man in a suit stands behind her. Both are looking at the camera. There is fog behind them and the setting is the woods.

Greg & Dana Newkirk's 'Haunted Objects Live!'

7:30 p.m. Saturday, September 28, 2024 | Polsky Theatre

Tickets start at $25.
Season tickets on sale now. Individual shows on sale June 17.

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As two of the world's only full-time paranormal investigators, the Newkirks have spent their lives collecting and caring for cursed artifacts, possessed dolls and other creepy artifacts said to display supernatural activity. Now experience their spine-tingling true tales yourself!

The Newkirks will take you on a journey through history, folklore, and true-life accounts of encounters with objects that seem to possess a life of their own. Learn the untold truth about famous cursed objects like the Crying Boy painting, discover why the Dybbuk Box is scarier than the demon it's rumored to imprison, and tag along as Greg and Dana reveal how they broke the curse of the Catskills Crone! You’ll even have the opportunity to help the Newkirks create a new haunted artifact – live and in person – with just the power of your mind!

Terrifying true tales include:

  • The Cracking Man: a mysterious clown doll behind ghostly sightings of an eyeless, mummified corpse.
  • The Crying Boy: a legendary cursed painting believed to have sparked dozens of mysterious house fires throughout Britain.
  • The Crone: a strange carving that appears to have caused terrible luck for the hikers who stole it from a cave.
  • The Dybbuk Box: blamed for terrible tragedies, this sealed container holds something scarier than a Demon.
  • The Dark Mirror: this ritual mirror reflects the darkest fears of those who dare to gaze into its inky depths.

And many more surprises!