black and white photo of three musicians sitting on drums that say Let Me Out

Balaklava Blues

7 p.m. Sunday, February 2, 2025 | Polsky Theatre

Tickets start at $25.
Season tickets on sale now. Individual shows on sale June 17.

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Timely and emotional, Balaklava Blues' multimedia live show builds empathy and understanding when we need it most and speaks to universal themes of identity crisis, displacement, and oppression through deeply personal and specific Ukrainian experiences and music.

Balaklava Blues are folk-noir trench fighters on the cultural front of Ukraine's battle for democracy and freedom. They mix 1,000-year-old polyphonic traditions with personal stories and sounds of revolution and war with stunning visuals that blend folk motifs with contemporary expressions of power, vulnerability, and trauma. Think DakhaBrakha remixed by A Tribe Called Red and then played live by Thom Yorke fronting Portishead.