Alisa Amador smiles while singing and playing guitar. She is wearing a gingham dress and is standing if front of a bright blue background.

Alisa Amador Trio

7:30 p.m. Saturday, February 22, 2025 | Polsky Theatre

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Alisa Amador is a connector. Her EP, "Narratives," is a six-song snapshot in time. It's a deep look at a person stumbling through life in two languages — English and Spanish — and in many states of mind about it all.

Amador's crystal-clear vocals are so effortless throughout “Narratives” that it's almost easy to forget how technically talented she is. Until she moves from almost-spoken-word territory to a powerful chorus without hesitation or illustrates a repetitive refrain that's so affecting it feels like you might want to live inside it for a little while.

“The word 'narratives' encompasses not only the existing cultural messages that hurt people individually and collectively,” Amador says, “but also the revolutionary power of writing ourselves new narratives; rejecting a culture of fear; and catalyzing a culture of honesty, bravery and self-love in the process.”

Amador has been learning these lessons since she began performing as a backup singer for her parents’ bilingual Latin folk band Sol y Canto at age 5. This is where her ease with performing comes from – she and her twin brother grew up touring extensively with their parents’ band. Through their high school years, Amador and her twin were often crammed into a minivan or backstage, loading in and out, and passing time by making Styrofoam puppets out of coffee cups and stirrers.

Amador began playing classical guitar at age 10, inspired by her father, and eventually found the electric guitar a decade later. The new instrument was versatile enough to honor her many influences and styles. Her time spent immersed in Latin folk and jazz is undoubtedly present in her own songs, written in both English and Spanish. There is also pop, funk, soul, as well as something uniquely her own. Her specialty is sparking connection across listeners and musical styles.

“Some musicians really love recording music, even more than performing,” she says. “I feel most at home, and most purposeful, when I am performing live.” Working with producer Daniel Radin (The Novel Ideas, Future Teens), “Narratives” concentrates on the journey of Amador’s live set, taking listeners through songs that may elicit a laugh, bring introspection, offer a cathartic cry or encourage a sing-along. The genre-bending EP is as empowering as it is heart-wrenching. These songs might break your heart open, but by the end, it will be mended, uplifted and stronger.

“Narratives” finds Amador looking at life and this moment in time, searching through lessons for a more just and loving future. She crosses throughout all the genres her work encompasses, with an intention to create a common shared space between herself and those listening, acknowledging the way each of our specific stories fit into something bigger. “If human connection is a prism, this album is lifting it up to the light, and looking at it from many angles.

“These songs are a reflection of the world I am moving through, with all of its joy, its sorrow, its confusion and its rage. Each song is a processing of personal experience, framed within my larger cultural backdrop of New Englander, Latinx, cisgendered woman, young adult, twin, daughter, and so on. I'm just trying to create a space for myself and all my conflicting identities to fit in, and it seems like I'm helping listeners feel the same way in the process.

“Even with all of life's complicated and sometimes painful experiences, I am always going to be searching for reasons to feel hopeful,” she continues. “So, consider ‘Narratives’ a survival kit of sorts — a ‘Life and Love Survival Kit’ in the form of a bilingual EP.”