The five members of jazzy ash hold their instruments and smile at the camera

MTC Kids Jam – Jazzy Ash & the Leaping Lizards

September 23, 2023 | Polsky Theatre

Past Event

The MTC Kids Jam concert series is specially designed with families in mind! Join us in the MTC lobby at 10 a.m. for art activities led by the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, followed by a 60-minute concert with an acclaimed children’s musician.

Jazzy Ash invites the whole family to come along on a Crescent City-inspired, jazzy music adventure with her band, the Leaping Lizards. She’s a talented and prolific songwriter, as well as a musical treasure hunter, highlighting traditional songs, rhythms and rhymes that have been handed down by African-American children, adults and musicians for generations.

Her latest album, “Good Foot,” pays homage to the solid gold sounds of Black-American music in the 1950s and 1960s. From Motown to doo-wop, rock 'n' roll and the early days of funk, Jazzy Ash taps into the soul of these music genres. With her signature powerful vocals, rock solid musicianship and good old-fashioned fun, Jazzy Ash truly engages audiences of all ages.

“I’m still so blown away this kind of music, which is so full of life and joy, was created during one of the most socially and politically chaotic eras in American history – especially for Black people,” says Ash. “They found ways to have hope and happiness, even through the most difficult times. That’s what we need right now."

An early childhood education specialist and ukulele instructor, Jazzy Ash offers beginning ukulele workshops for teachers, librarians and students of all ages.