An actress portraying Alice walks through fog on stage while holding her skirt out

'Alice: Dreaming of Wonderland'

April 11, 2024 | Yardley Hall

Past Event

Imagine the March Hare balancing on a tower of chairs during a tea party or the Mad Hatter playing crazy instruments or Alice performing acrobatics inside a giant keyhole! Get ready to experience an amazing journey in the crazy world of Wonderland!

Pre-show Talk

Join us for a pre-show talk with Friends of Johnson County Library's Executive Director, Shanta Dickerson at 6 p.m. (prior to the 7 p.m. performance) on Thursday, April 11, in the Virginia Krebs Room (MTC). The talk is free and open to the public; no reservation is required.

Long before its popularity as a play and movie, Alice’s Adventures of Wonderland was once banned book in US schools. In honor of National Library Week, Friends of Johnson County Library Executive Director Shanta Dickerson will talk about modern day challenges to intellectual freedom and how people can make their voices heard in Kansas.

Based on the classic by Lewis Carroll, “Alice: Dreaming of Wonderland” is an action-packed theatrical circus full of surprises, amazing acts, video projection with 3-D mapping and live music. Alice’s adventures are a manifesto to fantasy and free spirit, as well as a profound philosophy toward respecting all opinions, including those that may be different from your own.

“Alice: Dreaming of Wonderland” features an international cast of veteran performers from across Europe and North America, including acrobats, a four-member hand-to-hand balancing act, a one-man band and a new art form creating original creations with smoke and bubbles.

Follow the White Rabbit, pass through the keyhole and join us at the tea party. Remember – you don’t need to look for meaning, after all… “We’re all mad here!”