A collage of photos for "Masters of Percussion"

'Masters of Percussion' featuring Zakir Hussain

8 p.m. Saturday, April 1, 2023 | Yardley Hall

Tickets start at $25.

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Zakir Hussain, Kala Ramnath and Jayanthi Kumaresh come together for the first time as a trio for the 2022 TRIVENI tour.

Leading Indian classical exponents of their respective instruments—tabla, violin and Saraswati veena—each is renowned as a virtuoso collaborator, groundbreaker and educator, advancing the art of their instruments to remarkable levels. Feted and honored in India and abroad with numerous awards, each has successfully toured around the world with their own acclaimed solo projects. 

Triveni is the mythical site of the union of three sacred rivers in India. The name aptly represents the confluence of the varied musicality the three maestros bring to this collaboration.

A hallmark of Hussain’s iconic career has been his groundbreaking work at the forefront of brilliant musical dialogues between Hindustani (North Indian) and Carnatic (South Indian) music.

With Ramnath, an innovative representative of North Indian raga tradition, Kumaresh, the leading exponent of the ancient South Indian veena, and Hussain seamlessly stitching North and South Indian rhythm traditions to provide a bridge for veena and violin to meet, TRIVENI promises to be a fluent, joyous and entirely original musical conversation.