Trinity Irish Dance performers

Trinity Irish Dance Company

January 28, 2022 | Yardley Hall

Past Event

Trinity Irish Dance elevates the traditional Irish-American dance legacy by delivering a fresh and engaging performance. They’re truly the high water mark of Irish dance.

Everything you expect, but like nothing you’d imagine.

Trinity Irish Dance Company (TIDC) has significantly changed the direction and scope of Irish dance, reintroducing the art form as the phenomenon it is today. With a unique blend of power and grace, TIDC sends a consistent message of female empowerment against a repertory that has elevated progressive Irish dance for nearly three decades.

Founded in 1990 by Mark Howard, TIDC is the birthplace of progressive Irish dance. The Chicago-based company constantly searches for original means of expression while maintaining a high regard for tradition. Through the years, it has collaborated with many noted contemporary choreographers, resulting in a thoroughly fresh and engaging artistic vision that pushes the edges without losing touch with its essence.

TIDC has performed to both critical and popular acclaim on stages throughout the world. It holds a unique place in the dance world, offering both a highly skilled presentation of traditional Irish step dance and a brilliantly engaging interpretation of contemporary world vision.

Support provided by the Kansas City Irish Festival.