Flying Quetzal Marionette Workshop

Flying Quetzal Marionette Workshop
with StoneLion Puppet Theatre

September 1, 2021 - June 1, 2022 | Time Determined by Teachers/Groups/Parents

Past Event

2nd through 5th grade | *Workshop cost is $250 plus art supply costs, limited subsidies for schools in the Kansas City area available!
45 minute workshop; A link will be emailed prior to the show.

Create your own parrot puppet in this STEAM workshop with StoneLion Puppets.


Get hands-on with science, literature, social studies and art in this fun and creative workshop!

While making a Resplendent Quetzal marionette, participants will learn about these threatened birds and how they were a treasured symbol of the Aztec Empire. They’ll also discuss biodiversity and how clean water is needed for all life to thrive.

Each workshop participant will receive their own puppet-making kit with everything they need for their parrot: two sheets of PDF quetzal body and wings, chopstick, two weights, yarn for stringing, crayons, scissors, tape, glue stick, feathers and sequin fabric.

Additionally, participants will get a sneak peek at StoneLion Puppet Theatre’s new show, “The Lost Treasure,” featuring quetzal puppets.

The 45-minute interactive workshop is free for schools and families in the Kansas City area! Socially distanced in-person programming may also be available. The workshop is ideal for second through fifth grades.

Register for Program

You’ll be able to provide date and time preferences for your Zoom/Google Meet workshop when you request the program. One workshop per classroom, please.

Flying Quetzal workshops are underwritten by the Midwest Trust Center’s Arts Education department.